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GVGGuild versus Guild
GVGGrass Valley Group
GVGGuild Versus Guild (Guild Wars, online game)
GVGGrundstücksverwaltungsgesellschaft der Stadt Mainz
GVGGrands Vins de Gironde (French: Fine Wines of Gironde; Gironde, France)
GVGGeneralized Voronoi Graph (robotics)
GVGGreat Value Gifts (UK)
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Washington, for giving me the opportunity to help a good cause.
I repeat that the main rule by which I have been guided in collecting money is to do my full duty in regard to giving people who have money an opportunity for help.
Huntington gave me the first two dollars, I did not blame him for not giving me more, but made up my mind that I was going to convince him by tangible results that we were worthy of larger gifts.
Then Ripple told how she had wandered round the world in search of them, how the Seasons had most kindly helped her on, by giving Sun-beam, Breeze, Leaf, and Flake; and how, through many dangers, she had come at last to ask of them the magic flame that could give life to the little child again.
Their corn and wine remain unwasted in their houses with none but servants to consume them, while they keep hanging about our house day after day sacrificing our oxen, sheep, and fat goats for their banquets, and never giving so much as a thought to the quantity of wine they drink.
I shall dart an angry look at her and give her a sharp blow on the cheek, at the same time giving her a kick so violent that she will stagger across the room and fall on to the sofa.
Thinking he was dead, the black ordered the Greek slave to bring him some salt, and between them they rubbed it into his wounds, thus giving him acute agony, though he had the presence of mind to give no sign of life.
We may have the intention of giving something "substantial" so we postpone giving.
At a time when affiliation with a religion and attendance at religious services are both decreasing in the United States, a new report sheds light on how those trends are affecting charitable giving to religious congregations and to other types of charitable institutions.
Understanding the variables the help to predict giving motivations and obstacles is important during the current economic climate of the U.
The Giving Pledge is an effort to invite the wealthiest individuals and families in the United States to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy, according to the official website.
The real reason that it matters--probably the most exciting avenue of research in psychology, economics, and charitable giving today--is really all about the beneficial impact that it has on people.