GLACGlacier National Park (US National Park Service)
GLACGermanic Linguistics Annual Conference (various locations; Society for Germanic Linguistics)
GLACGeneral Ledger Account Code
GLACGreater Los Angeles County
GLACGlenbrook Life and Annuity Company
GLACGod Loves a Challenge (band)
GLACGladstone Little Athletic Centre (QLD, Australia)
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The bonds, known as "gone concern loss absorption capacity" or GLAC, are seen by regulators as essential to stopping the world's 29 biggest lenders from being "too big to fail".
A SUMMER GARDEN (Serves 8) For the cake (white chocolate and cardamom rosewater sponge): 130g unsalted butter, softened, plus more for the tin 20 green cardamom pods 170g self-raising flour 100g white chocolate, chopped 130g white caster sugar 2 eggs, beaten 1tsp vanilla extract For the ganache: 100g white chocolate, finely chopped 100ml double cream 2tsp rosewater For the glac icing: 150g icing sugar, sifted For decoration: 100g shelled unsalted pistachios 200g Swiss white chocolate, finely chopped 200ml double cream 3tsp rosewater 250g fresh raspberries 40-50 whole edible flowers (like cornflowers, pinks, nasturtiums, marigolds, borage and small sunflowers) Method Preheat the oven to 180C/ Gas mark 4.
The assigned ratings of GLAC reflect its core reinsurance segment position within Guggenheim's diversified business platform, financial and investment support provided by Guggenheim, positive trends of premium growth, statutory operating earnings and more than adequate risk-adjusted capitalization.
The GLAC is proud to be the original Childhelp[R] volunteer fundraising engine.
Here we are making fruit scones but we really can add any flavour or ingredient we want, whether it's cheese, glac cherries, dried apricots or apples for something different.
At Christmas, for example, they served up generous helpings of stollen, a special German cake that's fruity yeast bread filled with marzipan and topped with a light glac icing.
2 bwys 2 owns (955g) o ffrwythau sych cymysg o ansawdd da sy'n cynnwys ychydig o ffrwythau anghyffredin os yn bosib; 8 owns (225g) o geirios glac wedi eu haneru; hanner peint (285ml) o ruby port; chwarter peint (140ml) o frandi; chwarter peint (140ml) o sudd oren; 3 llond llwy fwrdd o driog du; 9 owns (255g) o fenyn wedi ei feddalu ychydig; 9 owns (255g) o siwgr brown meddal; 5 wy wedi eu curo'n ysgafn; 3 owns a hanner (100g) o gnau Brasil wedi eu torri'n chwarteri neu'n llai; 12 owns (340g) o flawd plaen** llond llwy de a hanner o bowdr codi** 2 lond llwy de o sbeis cymysg** ** Mae angen gogru'r rhain gyda'i gilydd.
It came topped with real holly garnish and glac cherry, and was rich, packed full of vine fruits and citrus zest.
Irish Porter cake recipe Makes one 20cm/8in cake Ingredients: 225g/8oz butter; 175g/6oz brown sugar; 300ml/1/2pt Irish stout; Zest of an orange; 225g/8oz sultanas; 175g/6oz raisins; 50g/2oz chopped mixed peel; 450g/1lb plain flour; 1 level tsp baking powder; 1 tsp ground cinnamon; 1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg; 100g/4oz glac cherries; 3 eggs, beaten Method: Place butter and sugar in a pan with the stout and melt over gentle heat to combine.
PATHWORDS: self-raising flour; almonds; glac cherries; castor sugar; lemon juice; butter; baking powder; hundreds and thousands; royal icing; marzipan; sultanas.
Life's a bowl of cherries: Fruit growing on a tree (above); ready to eat (above left); cherry batter pudding (below left); goat's curd cheesecake (below right) and glac cherries (right).