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GLEANGOMS Language Evaluation and Analysis
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He could glean nothing from their faces; they might as well have been of stone.
The villagers had no heart to make fires in the fields that night, so Hathi and his three sons went gleaning among what was left; and where Hathi gleans there is no need to follow.
Their film, "Not Enough Time", was produced with the help of lecturer Nicholas Glean, and focuses on grieving mum Jean who discovers a letter left behind by her son Tom serving in war-torn Afghanistan, reminding her of their final hours together.
org, a Web site that maps fruit trees in public places for individuals to glean.
Finesse and Glean are in the same category as Xerox[R] and Kleenex[R] for wheat growers in Kansas.
These were carrion/high patrol, prey/high patrol, insectivorous/bark glean and frugivorous/ground glean (Table 2).
For those interested in new theories of landscape design, The Landscape Approach is a must to glean the philosophies, the new perceptual approaches and paradigms which characterize end of twentieth-century landscape architecture.
I am thrilled to work with the stunning team of Anne and Ellen," Stone said in a statement, "and I hope to glean a little something extra about comedy from these two experts.
The larger healthcare providers within our community would prefer that we not receive contracts to go in-network because their fear is that we will glean the 'better cases,'" said Laura Comer, director of managed care for University General Hospital.
Still, you learn so much from an autopsy that you can't glean before the person dies.
Images from some of the most-popular archaeological sites are presented as examples of how to glean information about the history, social structure, and funerary beliefs of the people who were there.