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GLIMGreat Lakes Institute of Management (Chennai, India)
GLIMGeneralized Linear Modeling
GLIMGeneralized Linear Interactive Modeling (statistical analysis program)
GLIMGraphical Languages in Mathematics (Australian Research Council)
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By means of simulation studies we examine which of the approaches--the GLIM, GLMM with marginal MLE, or GLMM with PQLE--provides more reliable statistical inferences about p.
Variables entered into the final GLIM regression model were: species (SPS), diameter (DBH), distance from nearest infested tree (INFEST), distance to nearest road (ROAD), percentage impermeability of ground surface under tree canopy (IMP), vigor estimate of tree (VIG), and distance from nearest building (BLDG).
The distinction between a traditional anova where a log transformation of y is contemplated, and a corresponding glim for the additive inclusion of the treatments indexed by i and j on a response [y.
Sex ratios were analysed using generalized linear modeling techniques implemented on the GLIM statistical package (McCullagh and Nelder 1989).
For a description of GLIM procedures see: SAS/STAT User's Guide, Vol.
Categorical variables were included in logistic regression analysis using the GLIM statistical package [16].
The multi-variable regression analysis was accomplished with a statistical computer package named GLIM (Generalized Linear Interactive Modeling), release 3 [ref.
Founded in 2004, GLIM currently provides IONM services to 14 hospitals in the western New York area, including Buffalo and Rochester.
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Data were double entered onto a microcomputer, and single variable conditional logistic regression was carried out by using GLIM (15).
The proportions of herbivores killed were analyzed using GLIM 3.