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GLITTERGEMOC Laser ICPMS Total Trace Element Reduction
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Other carnival-goers say they are reducing their glitter consumption - but not cutting it out.
Anything containing glitter should therefore be put in your household waste bin.
Glitter is primarily comprised of microplastic, a tiny piece of plastic that is smaller than five millimeters in length.
Managing director Cheryl Hadland said she made the decision after realising glitter is a microplastic which can harm the environment.
There was dazzle-dust on the Paris and Milan runways too, as even brands like Vetements, known for the cool restraint of its models' make-up, caught the glitter bug.
Edible Glitter is used as a sprinkle, topping or inclusion.
It goes on to list several prominent politicians who were glitter bombed, and says, "The common denominator among these political figures is a conservative orientation and opposition to gay rights, especially marriage equality.
Glitter, dressed in a black velvet coat and burgundy scarf, showed no reaction as he was led from the dock after he was sentenced at London's Southwark Crown Court.
Working with glitter wall paint with interior design applications has become popular today as the glitter paint has gotten better through new technologies.
The 'Die Young' singer is famous for her glitter and after some issues with trying to figure out how to adequately cover herself in it, Kesha splashed out and hired an employee to take charge.
Glitter Spa Lab" is a special spa kit for girls age 7 and up that contains pampering instructions with a how-to booklet, two lidded pots, mixing spoon, glitter spoon, fabric and ribbon for a powder puff, and packets of pink and green glitter.