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GLUGGNU/Linux User Group
GLUGGay & Lesbian Underwater Group (UK; scuba diving club)
GLUGGreat Lakes User Group (Macintosh users)
GLUGGreater Lansing User Group (Michigan)
GLUGGreensboro Linux Users Group (Greensboro, NC)
GLUGGoonellabah Linux Users Group
GLUGGujarat Linux User Group (India)
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The Clarkins are defying the retail odds and, while it would be going too far to suggest that mmm glug is to breathe new life into Grainger Street, it is a sign of a growing appetite for high-quality produce.
Mmm and Glug was opened as just 'mmm' at the Grainger Market in 2008 by Simone Clarkin and her husband Ian, with the adjoining 'glug' beer section opened later.
And while Glug started out in London, events are now being held in Birmingham and other major cities like New York and Beijing.
Whisk the lemon juice with a good glug of olive oil, then season to taste.
Add a few glugs of olive oil and cook the chicken thigh until browned on each side.
Anyway, as I was taking the last glug of my vino, my mate Neil (fresh from enjoying the plum crumble with custard) called the girl over and said with a straight face: "Tell your grandpa his plums are lovely.
An early-morning glug of the pink stuff is recovery's first step after a boozily gut-skinning night.
Drain and dry using a tea towel before putting them into a blender along with the nuts and a glug of rapeseed oil.
A good glug of Worcester sauce will pep up the dullest of gravies.
Put them all in a bowl and mix with a twist of pepper, a pinch of salt, a small glug of oil and the lemon juice.
It all came to a sticky end, however, when turning onto the motorway, one of the drums fell over, the cork popped out and there was an ominous "glug glug glug" as the car gradually filled up with the precious amber liquid.