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glulamGlued laminated timber
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CLT comprises layers of boards placed cross-wise to adjacent layers, while glued laminated timber or glulam consists of several layers of timber of different dimensions stuck together with adhesives to make vertical or horizontal columns as strong as steel.
PF allowed for the development of exterior plywood, and the similar resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) and phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF) allowed for the development of more durable glulam and other structural wood products.
In its current form, the Drill Alignment Tool can be used with a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch drill, but Ferreras says the bushings can easily be customized to whatever bit size you want; depending on your drill bit, his tool can guide drilling on wood, concrete, and glulam.
Made from sticking together smaller pieces of wood to create structural elements with a higher tensile strength than steel, glulam can resist compression better than concrete, but weighs a lot less and is more sustainable.
Its glulam arches, beams and columns are used for the superstructures of commercial, recreational, religious, educational and industrial buildings.
That same year, Johnsson, Blanksvard and Carolin [10] worked on some glulam members strengthened by carbon fibre reinforcement by first running pull-out tests on four pairs of glulam members at four different anchoring lengths.
The building is constructed of materials with low embodied energy, such as glulam timber frame, hemcrete walls, rammed earth, lime renders, slate, cork, home-grown timber flooring and finishes of natural paints and stains.
At nine metres high and 26 metres long, each of the 34 glulam beams, so-called because they are glued and laminated using sustainably-sourced wood, will create the frame for the learning and resource centre's glass roof as well as providing a design feature externally.
The group is visiting the Middle East to witness the engineering marvels undertaken with New Zealand timber and products such as glulam (glued laminated timber manufactured to engineered standards) in this region.
Creating a column-free space in which Olympic speed skaters chased record times, the structure itself became this site's first record holder, with the world's longest composite glulam wood/steel arches achieving a 95m span.
The lounges, made from environmentally-friendly glulam timber beams covered in wood veneers, provide luxury passenger facilities as well as an information office, three shop units and cash machines relocated from the main concourse.