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GLUTGlucose Transporter
GLUTOpenGL Utility Toolkit
GLUTGraphics Library Utility Toolkit (open software)
GLUTGeorgia Land Use Trend (geospatial data; est. 1973)
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Freight costs for long-range clean product tankers are also currently at five-year highs -- driven by the glut itself, which created need for vessels to ferry oil products around the world and to store fuel oil and crude oil.
This isn't the first time the world has experienced an oil glut and in-fighting regionally, so why all of the worrying over coffee?
While "food desert" has only recently become a commonly understood term, bringing "cheap, wholesome food into the city" for poor and lower income people has been a central objective of Glut Cooperative for more than 45 years.
Secondly, on the supply side, expectations for a supply glut are being driven by higher production from OPEC countries and stronger US output.
Hardness values of Gly/Glut, Gly/Glut + CP, Gly/ Glut + CP + 1 g R, Gly/Glut + CP + 2 g R, Gly/ Glut + CP + 3 g R were also evaluated.
Jelly Glut to n is RoyalCactus' flagship game, counting a total of 15 million players and 1 million daily active users; part of the company's portfolio of six successful Facebook games.
Why bother showing us what to do with a glut of tomatoes when gardeners would have harvested them weeks ago?
We highlight the role of regulations, GSEs, financial innovations, and the global saving glut in the bubble.
Two meetings this season produced nine goals and with both managers intent on playing free-flowing, entertaining football there should be a glut of chances.
Glut is one of those "hardest working men" in show business — producing, writing, acting, directing, and everything else in between.
Summary: MELBOURNE - Oil traded near a four-month high in New York, narrowing its discount to Brent crude to the least since September, after the expansion of a pipeline that may reduce a glut in the US Midwest.
It is likely to take the form of an opaque global credit glut, turbocharged by the fragile mixture of too-big-to-fail global banking with a huge and largely unwatched and unregulated shadow banking sector.