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To acknowledge above data, we screen GJA8 gene of 27 cataract patients with no family history of cataract, a subtle 1104G>C (pE368Q) (GenBank KY556641) transversion that substitutes glutamic acid to glutamine was identified at exon 2 of GJA8 gene in one of the patient, which revealed that glutamic acid at position 368 in normal GJA8 protein was changed to glutamine, which is highlighted in Figure 6.
In addition, as you might expect, very little glutamine is used by the kidneys to generate bicarbonate buffers in a healthy state.
Gene expression is altered in piglet small intestine by weaning and dietary glutamine supplementation.
The aim of the research is to study the activity of glutamine synthetase enzyme, the formation of leaf surface of planting, and the yield capacity of spring wheat grain depending on the time periods and doses of nitrogen fertilizers in conditions of the eastern part of the Volga-Vyatka region.
Can glutamine modify the apparent immunodepression observed after prolonged, exhaustive exercise?
Basic and animal experiments have verified that glutamine can effectively improve the nutritional status of children, enhance cellular immunity and intestinal mucosal barrier function,8 protect the intestinal mucosa integral, and maintain normal intestinal permeability.
Glutamine synthetase is a target gene of the Wnt/ [beta]-catenin pathway, which in normal liver, stains perivenular hepatocytes.
So Anderson consulted a pharmacist who helped him develop a sweetened glutamine liquid that was tested in three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.
Glutamine (Gln) is the most abundant naturally occurring, nonessential amino acid in the human body and one of the few amino acids that can directly cross the blood-brain barrier.
Due to the many important metabolic processes in which glutamine participates, such as nitrogen transport and donation, control, acid-base balance and in the integrity of tissues (11), research has intensified with the aim of establishing glutamine as an amino acid conditionally essential for health (12).
glutamine capsule were also successfully carried out by using the standard addition method.
Glutamine provides the preferred fuel source for cells lining the small intestine.
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