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GAGeorgia (US postal abbreviation)
GAGarage (real estate)
GAGo Ahead (used in chat)
GAGoals Against (sports scoring)
GAGeneral Assembly
GAGo Ahead
GAGo Away
GAGeneral Assistance
GAGeneral Accounting
GAGeneral Aviation
GAGeneral Admission
GAGo Around
GAGenetic Algorithm
GAGeneral Availability
GAGabon (Internet country code)
GAGermantown Academy
GAGreat Adventure (theme park)
GAGenerally Available
GAGrey's Anatomy (TV show)
GAGuardian Angel
GAGeoscience Australia
GAGary Allan (country music artist)
GAGirls Aloud (band)
GAGamblers Anonymous
GAGoogle Analytics
GAGraphics Adapter
GAGalaxy Angel (anime series)
GAGiorgio Armani (clothing brand)
GAGood Afternoon
GAGeneral Agent
GATabun (nerve agent)
GAGeographical Association (UK)
GAGeneral Agreement
GAGeneral Anesthesia
GAGillian Anderson
GAGestational Age
GAGeneral Authority (LDS Church)
GAGinger Ale
GAGeneral Atomics
GAGo Abroad (travel website)
GAGay Asian
GAGraduate Assistantship
GAGilbert Arenas (basketball player)
GAGame Arena (Australian gaming website)
GAGate Array
GAGerman Army
GAGeneral Assignment (news reporting)
GAGeneral Average
GAGas Analysis
GAGypsum Association (Evanston, Illinois)
GAGibberellic Acid (plant hormone)
GAGaming-Age (gaming website)
GAGeneral of The Army
GAGround Attack
GAGuano Apes (band)
GAGeneral Awareness
GAGund Arena (Cleveland)
GAGlendale Arena (Arizona)
GAGeneral Accident (British Insurance Company)
GAGeneral Arrangement (layout drawing as opposed to detail)
GAGrand Alliance (advanced television)
GAGranuloma Annulare (dermatology)
GAGeographic Atrophy (eye condition)
GAGuarantee Agency
GAGeneral Answer
GAGeneral Alarm
GAGeneral Auditor
GAGreening Australia (Australia)
GAGravity Assist (spacecraft trajectories)
GAGeneral Adjuster (insurance)
GAGlobal Atlas
GAGeologic Age
GAGlide Angle
GAGalvanizers Association (UK)
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GAGlobus Alliance (HP, IBM, et al)
GAGastric Analysis
GaGiga Annum (Latin: Billion Years)
GAGuichet Automatique
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GAGraphic Annunciator (fire alarm)
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GAGuy of Auvergne (DeMolay)
GAGaruda Indonesia Airline - Indonesia (IATA airline code)
GAGrant Agency
GAGraduate Assistant
GAGreen Alliance (London, UK)
GAGovernment Agency
GAGraduate Advisor (live-in advisors to undergraduates)
GAGraphics Array
GAGood Article (Wikimedia Foundation)
GAGrand Admiral
GAGrant Aid
GAGovernment Affairs
GAGreen Arrow (comics character)
GAGreen Acres (Visalia, CA middle school)
GAGreat America (theme park)
GAGirls in Action (Southern Baptist Convention organization for young girls)
GAGlobal Assessment
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The effect of glutaraldehyde concentration on the response of the enzyme membrane was investigated (Figure-1).
PEHA-Cel activated with glutaraldehyde seemed to be a good carrier for glucoamylase covalent attachment.
With glutaraldehyde as the active ingredient, products can contain other chemicals such as phenolic agents that alone are not rated for high-level disinfection.
Glutaraldehyde is well known for causing severe irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs.
The outcome of these tests demonstrated that 1) glutaraldehyde and alcohol were very effective biocides, but with relatively limited residual control, 2) some quaternary amines had little biocidal effect at normal dose concentrations but prevented colonization of steel surfaces and 3) combinations of these chemicals could be synergistic or antagonistic.
A laboratory screening of several biocides using the previously described procedure indicated a 45-percent solution of glutaraldehyde (IPC.
Bellacide 303 also possesses some of the most effective synergies with halogen available on the market today - significantly outperforming more common biocides such as isothiazolone and glutaraldehyde, all at a substantial cost savings.
A previously published study on glutaraldehyde fixation of collagenous tissue showed that crosslinking simultaneously increases mechanical strength and decreases degradation by enzymatic processes.
Chitosan from sigma life sciences, calcium chloride, glutaraldehyde and acetic acid were also used in the study.
In addition, direct fixation and staining within the plates is possible (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, alcohols and acetone can be used).
Moreover, many cross-linking type reactions that occur are accompanied by a change in colour so it is convenient to monitor the reaction of glutaraldehyde by an optical method.
In this study our aim was to investigate the prevention of calcification in bioprosthetic materials due to the adverse effects of glutaraldehyde fixation and therefore we concentrated on the effect of TPEN on calcium.