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GNOSISGlobal Network of Silicon Information Services
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18) Only by achieving true gnosis can the soul be saved from this state and evil of the world.
Epistemologically, this case could reveal to critical students the different ways knowledge can be sought, for example gnosis, which opposes standardized testing and yearend exams as the marker or pursuit of knowledge.
Gnosis Advanced Nutrition redefines the nutrients contained in food to offer customers an extensive range of differentiated solutions improving and boosting human head-to-toe health condition and making up for the contemporary poor dietary quality.
From this calamity springs the hostile Demiurge, who, in turn, brings about the World-process in which the spirit fights against evil and is able to attain deliverance only through Gnosis.
Concluimos con algunas reflexiones sobre las proyecciones contemporaneas de la gnosis en el terreno religioso de la sanacion.
Templar gnosis is at work throughout the Commedia where bold independence in creativity and belief take a hold on poet and reader.
El objeto ultimo de la gnosis, como decimos, es Dios.
El libro de Schmithals comienza con una introduccion, en la que hace un somero repaso al tema de la relacion entre Nuevo Testamento y gnosis, para acabar preguntandose como puede esta influir en una correcta hermeneutica de los escritos canonicos cristianos.
Gnosis will flag off ' Impulse', the three- month- long dance festival being organised by the British Council in India.
AKDC India tour - featuring GNOSIS - a contemporary duet.
Palabras claves: gnosis, recapitulacion, teologia historica, economia de la salvacion.
based Gnosis, a raw, vegan, organic, low-glycemic sustainable chocolate billed as "the world's most nutritious chocolate.