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GODGood Old Days
GODGames on Demand (video games)
GODGame of Death (Bruce Lee film)
GODGathering Of Developers
GODGuard on Duty
GODGuaranteed Overnight Delivery
GODGrow or Die
GODGale of Darkness (gaming)
GODGod Opens Doors (protestant and catholic ministries)
GODGates of Discord (EverQuest gaming)
GODGroup Of Drunks (AA higher power)
GODGetting Off Drugs
GODGood Orderly Direction (AA higher power)
GODGuardian of Darkness (game)
GODGreat Out Doors
GODGods of Destruction (gaming clan)
GoDGlory or Death
GODGame or Die (gaming clan)
GODGovernment of Democracy
GODGemini Office Development
GODGaining One's Definition
GODGroup Operations Director
GODGift of Desperation (Alcoholics Anonymous)
GODGlobal Outdial
GODGamecube Optical Disc
GODGold, Oil & Diamonds (Anthony Cruz album)
GODGOD Over Djinn (from the book Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hoffstadter)
GODGenerator Operator Destroyer
GODGeneral Operations Director
GODGrundsaetze Ordnungsmaessiger Datenverarbeitung
GoDGeneration of Darkness (gaming clan)
GODGame Operations Director (roleplaying gamer's term)
GoDGiants of Demolition (gaming clan)
GODGreatest of Designers
GODGathering of Deities (band)
GODGoogle Oriented Development
GODGroove Overdose (Korean band)
GODGomer Oz Dabar (Masonic teaching)
GODGamers on Dope (gaming clan)
GODGet Out of Doubt
GODGiver of Data
GoDGiants of Darkness (gaming clan)
GODGenerator of Dimensions
GODGlobal Orbital Defense (Babylon 5)
GODGalactic Observation Device
GODGeneral Operational Device (Stanislaw Lem)
GODGreat Omnipotent Designer
GODGrand Open Discussion
GODGraphic Overlay Data
GODGeometrical Optics and Diffraction
GODGalactic Obliteration Device
GODGrand Omnipotent Divinity (backronym)
GODGenerate, Organize, Destroy
GODGlimpse One Destiny
GODGarden of Delight (band)
GODGeneration of Degenerates (band)
GODGnomes on Dope (website)
GODGuild of Dreams (gaming)
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We need to come to an awareness that one cannot live without God.
Persons are free to proclaim God in their insufficiency--on their way--in the promise of God's future redemption.
Certainly we come from our parents and we are their children, but we also come from God who has created us in his image and called us to be his children.
I tried not to look too hard at the body because in Job 31:11 God warned that lust was a shameful sin, a fire that would consume.
When a person experiences God they are drawn to offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving.
Idon't get offended by things people say about God, but I feel like I should be offended by some of the things John Shore says God says in this book.
So God--you know, he has a greater purpose" God committed mass slaughter just to give America an opportunity to improve its image abroad?
Simplistic religious assumptions about more of God and simplistic secular assumptions about less of God have proclaimed more wrong answers in the name of both pro-God and anti-God perspectives than right questions.
The movie is surprisingly faith-affirming and a challenge to take God seriously, as well as a critique of our own misguided efforts to play God.
In those three sentences, you can plainly see that the laws of God give us the right to be a power among the other powers on the Earth and that it was God that gave us our rights -- not government.