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GOFERGive Oil for Energy Recovery (used motor oil collection; Santee Cooper; South Carolina)
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Why had the Indian gofer put up WS Laxman to talk to us, a batsman who stood at slip throughout the day, barely touching the ball?
Except in the glamour industries, new college graduates with good technology skills no longer have to work as a secretary or gofer to "get a foot in the door.
Gary Bauer, who at that time had no official position at the White House, actually nothing more than a gofer, was then appointed under secretary of education.
Then he meets an old friend who steers him to a gofer job at Aurora.
As regards that concierge system, sure, it's nice to have a gofer on staff paid to run down and buy subway tokens for employees.
Here, he took over the job of district ranger--"it's sort of like being the district's gofer," he says, with characteristic understatement.
In recounting Hill's long career in the mob, from teenaged gofer to middle-aged dope peddler and thief, GoodFellas balances between complicity with the character (which is strongest in the many point-of-view sequences) and a face-off with him, as at the end.
Once a gofer of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption president Dante Jimenez, Dino went around the freeport zone with four bodyguards.
Inviting Max and his classmates to our recycling depot in Gofer (near Abergele) was a no-brainer.
With odious Rodent Robbie only just avoiding a beating from Cain recently, he continues to push his luck - as Debbie Dingle's spineless gofer - with Cameron and Chas.
The waste is sorted at Conwy's bulking station in Gofer, off Rhuddlan Road, St George near Abergele.
The movie 'My Week With Marilyn' is being told from the perspective of Colin Clark, who worked as a gofer on the film, reports the Daily Mail.