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GNGrand National (Buick Regal)
GNGuinea (country code, top level domain)
GNGraphic Novel
GNGreat Northern (former Danish telegraph company, now known as GN Store Nord A/S)
GNGood Night
GNGreat Neck (Long Island, New York)
GNGuide Number (photography)
GNGreat Northern Railway
GNGonadotropin (hormone)
GNGnosis (game Werewolf the Apocalypse; White Wolf)
GNGrand Nationals (NASCAR auto racing)
GNGuidance Note (instruction and advice)
GNGender Neutral
GNGary Numan (singer)
GNGraduate Nurse
GNGeneral Notes
GNGood Neighbors
GNGovernment of Nunavut (Canada)
GNAir Gabon (IATA airline code)
GNGolgi Network
GNGerman Navy
GNGaseous Nitrogen
GNGrid North
GNGround Network
GNGeneral Nurse
GNGlenbard North (Illinois)
GNGastroenterology Nursing (journal)
GNGénération Nouvelle (French: New Generation)
GNGundam Nucleus
GNGrouping Network
GNGay Nerds (website and forum)
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Utility of commonly used commercial human chorionic gonadotropin immunoassays in the diagnosis and management of trophoblastic diseases.
First-trimester chorionic gonadotropin measurements as an aid in the diagnosis of early pregnancy disorders.
Cessation of low-dose gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist therapy followed by high-dose gonadotropin stimulation yields a favorable ovarian response in poor responders.
With a complete portfolio of gonadotropins, Merck Serono offers fertility specialists the ability to tailor treatment to patients' needs.
Temporal profile of brain and pituitary GnRHs, GnRH-R and gonadotropin mRNA expression and content during early development in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.
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Results: Interpretable FISH results were obtained in 66 embryos in control group and 128 embryos in gonadotropin stimulated group.
The drug Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez was suspended for using is reportedly human chorionic gonadotropin, mainly used as a female fertility treatment.
Pregnancy hypertension and pre-eclampsia are associated with placental malfunction, including altered levels of hormones such as oestrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin.
Macri Technologies, which holds patents related to free beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (free Beta hCG), a peptide hormone recognized as a biomarker for trimester prenatal risk assessment.
Degarelix, a gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonist, helps suppress the testosterone secretion so that it can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.
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