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GNGrand National (Buick Regal)
GNGuinea (country code, top level domain)
GNGraphic Novel
GNGreat Northern (former Danish telegraph company, now known as GN Store Nord A/S)
GNGood Night
GNGreat Neck (Long Island, New York)
GNGuide Number (photography)
GNGreat Northern Railway
GNGonadotropin (hormone)
GNGnosis (game Werewolf the Apocalypse; White Wolf)
GNGrand Nationals (NASCAR auto racing)
GNGuidance Note (instruction and advice)
GNGender Neutral
GNGary Numan (singer)
GNGraduate Nurse
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GNGood Neighbors
GNGovernment of Nunavut (Canada)
GNAir Gabon (IATA airline code)
GNGolgi Network
GNGerman Navy
GNGaseous Nitrogen
GNGrid North
GNGround Network
GNGeneral Nurse
GNGlenbard North (Illinois)
GNGastroenterology Nursing (journal)
GNGénération Nouvelle (French: New Generation)
GNGundam Nucleus
GNGrouping Network
GNGay Nerds (website and forum)
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According to the Cochrane review on ovarian stimulation protocols for IUI in the women with subfertility, use of gonadotropins for COS in IUI results in higher pregnancy rate than clomiphene citrate stimulated cycles.
IUI and gonadotropin stimulation therefore may not be an optimal treatment strategy directed at the cause of infertility, yielding lower pregnancy rates.
Although higher doses of agonists for the final oocyte maturation have a potential to result in higher gonadotropin surge amplitude and improve the oocyte quantity, the mean number of retrieved oocytes varies and no clear benefit has been demonstrated by this approach (18).
GNRHR plays a pivotal role in normal gonadotropins secretion during puberty (Beate et al.
In all the 4 groups, the gonadotropin administration was continued up to the day of human chorionic gonadotropin injection (hCG) (Gonasi[R] HP, IBSA Italia, Rome, Italy).
Patients in the flare-up protocol were started on 50 [micro]g SC of leuprolide acetate (Lucrin; Abbott, Cedex, France) twice daily on cycle day (CD) 2 followed by high dose gonadotropin stimulation on CD 3.
The role of TRH-stimulated prolactin responses in distinguishing gonadotropin deficiency from constitutional delayed puberty.
A blunted response is obtained in the gonadotropin releasing hormone test.
A radioimmunoassay which specifically measures human chorionic gonadotropin in the presence of human luteinizing hormone.
Considered to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of infertility in the last 10 years, Elonva will allow patients to take a single injection of Corifollitropin Alfa, over the course of a week, rather than the daily injection of gonadotropin, traditionally prescribed, said experts at the launch event held at the Marina Hotel in Kuwait.
Microscopic examination of pituitary adenoma specimens shows many gonadotropin cells with small secretory granules and, immunohistochemical examination shows pituitary gonadotropic hormone antibody positivity.
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