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GBGigabyte (1024 megabytes)
GBGigabit (1024 megabits)
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GBGreen Bay (Wisconsin)
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GBGovernment Bond
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GBGovernment and Binding (linguistics theory)
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GBGames Back (sports standings)
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GBGénie Biologique (French: biological genus)
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GBGravity Bong (smoking instrument)
GBGroupe Bibilque (French: Bible Group)
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GBGeneralized Bootstrap
GBGamerBoards (online video game forum)
GBGriffis Blessing Inc
GBGravity Bias
GBGuanidine Biboric
GBGuo Biao 2312-80 (Chinese government standard Chinese character encoding scheme)
GBGraeco-Bohairic (Coptic language dialect)
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Interest rates are currently around zero and therefore debt costs have not manifested, but once Japan overcomes deflation, cash and reserves on the liability side of the BOJ balance sheet will become impossible to maintain unless prices go up by several times over, and the BOJ needs to either decrease its government bond holdings to downsize the balance sheet, or raise its interest rate on reserves to maintain the current scale of the balance sheet.
There are 11 South African government bonds in the April 2012 profile, with a market value of $88.
Citi is also adding the Citigroup Asia Pacific Government Bond Index (APGBI), which measures the performance of Australia, New Zealand and the AGBI markets, enabling investors to measure the aggregate performance of the Asia and Asia-Pacific regions.
If prices rise, however, as they did in the late 1970s when the inflation rate reached high into double digits, government bonds at 7 percent would be a poor investment.
First, Japanese monetary authorities administratively determined all interest rates, including those on bank deposits and loans as well as coupon rates on government bonds and bank debentures.
With the move, the nation has become the first African government bond market to be incorporated within the bank's WGBI.
As a broader regional index, Citi said it is also introducing the Citigroup Asia Pacific Government Bond Index (APGBI), which measures the performance of Australia, New Zealand and the AGBI markets.
In order to avoid further increases in the national debt, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his administration have set a policy of limiting annual government bond issuance to 30 trillion yen.
42 percent, Distribution policy: distributing, Benchmark: BofA Merrill Lynch 0-5 Year EM USD Government Bond ex-144a Index.
Following the BOJ's announcement of the start of bond purchase on Monday, government bond futures shot up in the afternoon, prompting the Tokyo Stock Exchange to briefly suspend trading to settle the confusion.
The bank said that Greek government bonds would be removed from the World Government Bond Index, the EMU Government Bond Index and the World Broad Investment-Grade Bond Index by the end of June.
Noting the bureau's purchases are a small part of the bond market, Miyazawa said he does not foresee trouble in government bond redemption.
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