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GOXGlucose Oxidase
GOXGaseous Oxygen
GOXGate Oxide (leakage)
GOXGathering of Xterras (Ouray, CO)
GOXGaseous Quantum Container
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Comparison of Algorithms Selection Crossover The penalty method[1] Random Normal for constraints in JSSP Generalize d order Neighborhood GOX i.
Little information existed on how to handle the large quantities of gaseous oxygen (GOX), and during an initial %vet flow" test, a GOX line ruptured and instantly ignited, badly burning six men.
The cause of the explosion was traced to the use of high-pressure GOX as the pressurant and its susceptibility to contamination (which may have been related to the problem on the launch of Thor 101).
GOX is often used in a synergistic combination with pentosanase.
The investigators examined the effect of adding water-soluble pentosans (WSP) and water-insoluble pentosans (WUS) together with GOX.
Adding FA by itself completely counteracted the effects of GOX.
GOX induces the formation of peroxide that, together with flour peroxidases, catalyzes the formation of such HMW pentosans.