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GRADGraduation Really Achieves Dreams (Los Angeles, California)
GRADGlobal Research and Development
GRADGroupe de Réalisations et d'Animation pour le Développement (French: Group Projects and Activities for Development)
GRADGenomic Research in the African Diaspora
GRADGraduate Resume Accumulation & Distribution
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1 Gradient Libraries: Harnessing a Ubiquitous Phenomenon to Accelerate Experimentation
Kimberly-Clark Professional commissioned the 2011 Gradient study and the research presented by Gradient at the Society of Toxicology meeting.
The source of the magnetic flux gradient is a superconducting solenoid housed in a dewar filled with liquid helium (not in the vacuum system).
The growth of Gradient's business is proof that the unique software technology we created is highly effective at solving an important industry problem," said Ed Cheng, president of Gradient.
With support from Orion's comprehensive account integration capabilities, Gradient experienced growth from $282 million at the end of Q4 2012 to $430 million AUM year to date.
The authors reported that predicting and characterizing casting quality requires "criterion functions" to connect the output of numerical models (temperatures, gradients, solidification times, etc.
The action of the screw lends itself to temperature gradients through localized shear heating.
We are living during a time where many families struggle financially, and all of us at Gradient are proud to give back to families like the Fortes," says Tami Lucius, president of Gradient Gives Back Foundation.
In addition to system-on-chip and custom IC applications that Gradient has traditionally targeted, this agreement further validates the benefits of our technology for high-frequency applications.
Thermal Gradient expects to grow to 45 employees in the next two years.
UG and terraces EC Bettenhaus m2 530 Warm roof on a concrete floor without gradient with Ortbetonbelag.
The environmental consulting company Honeycutt's agency hired, Massachusetts-based Gradient Corporation, typically conducts research funded by industry groups like the American Petroleum Institute.