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GRAMPSGenealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System (free software project)
GRAMPSGeriatric Record and Multidisciplinary Planning System
GRAMPSGuardrail Airborne Mission Planning Station
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Francis B Griffin, known as Gramps, and grandson Paul, below |
Come on, Gramps," I said, "let's get out of this jungle and take a break.
The album of duets from Baby Gramps and Stampfel is called "Outertainment.
Encouraging that kind of behavior don't make sense to Old Gramps.
I half expect to see my gramps snoring away on the ancient sofa with a newspaper spread over his face, but he has passed on.
At the end of a long day, my gramps would drink a combo of espresso and Grappa called Caffe Corretto, a substance strong enough to revive a lethargic hippopotamus.
Dearly loved husband of Jean, much loved dad of Trish, loving gramps of Christopher and Lisa.
Having no immediate use for the land the buyer graciously gave Gramps permission to use the well until he could drill another one.
The hunt (for my Uncle, Gramps and Dad) is on for two weeks from Saturday," he happily announced.
When you've got a veteran team, you don't really have to worry about that too much,'' Mojave coach Walter Gramps said.
For my ninth birthday, Gramps and I packed up to go to an island near Mexico called Cozumel.
Forget Super Gran - meet our own super gramps, 73-year-old Albert Parry who clinched the Mr Senior Wales title.