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Another grantee contracted with a tertiary-care center to provide specialty services to area residents free of charge, as long as they are referred by their primary physician.
Separate research teams led by NARSAD Grantees Karl Deisseroth, M.
Recommendation: In order to improve key control processes over grant awards and monitoring of grantee program performance and grantee compliance, the President of LSC, and the Vice President for Programs and Compliance should develop and implement procedures to ensure that grantee site visit selection risk criteria are consistently used and to provide for summarizing results by grantee.
For example, one grantee offered it was important to avoid interventions that are controversial, that it is much easier to get projects up and going by selecting projects that will pass the "nod" test early on.
A type of "key informant" study for which the informants were the grantees for Kellogg Foundation funds and who are designated as "library leaders" throughout the discussion.
Due to a host of constraints associated with programming in correctional settings, including correctional officer shortages, lack of adequate space for programming, frequent transferring of inmates, and programming time being cut short due to lockdowns and population counts, several grantees have had to condense their healthy relationship curriculum, either shortening the overall length or combining multiple sessions.
Grantee is a college or university that is an agency or instrumentality of a foreign government or of any political subdivision thereof and uses the grant exclusively for charitable purposes; or
The Bush administration "has overseen the most significant increase in recent history in the largely hidden workforce of contractors and grantees who work for the federal government," the study's author, New York University government professor Paul Light, wrote.
Others, including IDEA-NW and the Florida grantee, communicated primarily through reports and intermediaries.
Al Jabri continued, "It's important to note that support for the grantees doesn't just stop at financing.
Here you can specify a state, county, zip code or a health center program grantee and select it from the drop down menu of suggestions.