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GEGoogle Earth
GEGood Enough
GEGeneral Education (college requirement)
GEGeorgia (country code, top level domain)
GEGeneva (canton postcode, Switzerland)
GEGenova (Genoa, Liguria, Italy)
GEGreat Eastern
GEGreater than or Equal to (computer math)
GEGeneral Election
GEGenetically Engineered
GEGeneral Electric Corporation
GEGreat Expectations
GEGigabit Ethernet
GEGenoa (postcode, Italy)
GEGenf (Geneva; Swiss Canton)
GEGeneral Engineering (BS degree program)
GEFederal Republic of Germany
GEGranado Espada (game software)
GEGoldeneye (James Bond movie)
GEGrantee (IRB)
GEGrand Exchange (gaming, Runescape)
GEGood Eats (cooking TV show)
GEGeotechnical Engineer
GEGovernment Expenditure
GEGlobal Engagement (surveillance)
GEGlobal Engagement (USAFA summer training program)
GEGround Effect
GEGraduate Engineer
GEGraphics Editor
GEGrade Equivalent (education)
GEGround Environment
GEGround Elevation
GEGalactic Empire (Star Wars)
GEGreen End
GEGeneral Emergency (Nuclear)
GEGovernment Estimate
GEGenetic Entity (Dianetics)
GEGerbich (blood group system)
GEGeriatric Evaluation
GEGlobally Endangered (species scoring system based on the IUCN Red List)
GEGraphics Equalizer
GEGreen Empowerment
GEGradient Enhanced (NMR spectroscopy)
GEGranulomatous Enteritis (Porcine Circovirus 2)
GEGrupo Elite (Guatemala insurance company)
GEGrieg's End (gaming, Everquest)
GEGrounding Equalizer
GEGeneral Electric American Communications Inc.
GEGeneral Expense Appropriation
GEGamers Evolved (video game website)
GEGeving Elks (gaming clan)
GEGroup of Experts
GEGroup Extension
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Ngolob said PHP2 million had already been allocated for the program, which would have only one grantee per municipality.
Once a SIF grantee submitted its survey, the evaluators sent a request for a 15-30 minute follow-up interview that gave SIF grantees the opportunity to discuss evidence and supply documentation that would support their observations in the survey about organizational change.
Further, the grantee is prohibited from disposing or leasing its facilities except to entities with a radio or television franchise, provided that the grantee shall inform and secure written authorization to proceed from the NTC and report the transaction to the NTC within 60 days after its completion.
Two of these new grantees, along with four recipients of funding from previous sessions, will have their world premieres at this year's Festival de Cannes.
Although CDC funding primarily directed grantees to identify and collect data to define drinking water exposures and then develop interventions, grantees engaged in many additional essential public health services (Table 1).
Flexibility was particularly important; every grantee was forced to narrow its menu of required data elements in response to the limited availability of easily retrievable, consistently recorded electronic data.
for grantee noncompliance; and presents the process by which federal
Using CDC data, 45 VFC providers were selected from the five grantees with the highest volume of vaccines ordered in 2010.
The Mapper also includes Optional Map Elements such as grantee locations, rural health clinics, health professional shortage areas, county boundaries, and medically underserved populations.
The National First Look Program will allow NSP grantees the exclusive opportunity to purchase available REO properties located within the defined boundaries of NSP target areas.
Ten additional hours of family visitation time provided to participants by one grantee was a selling point when recruiting potential participants.