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GHGeneral Hospital
GHGrowth Hormone
GHGuitar Hero (video game)
GHGhost Hunters
GHGreatest Hits
GHGran Hermano (Spanish TV program)
GHGlobal Health
GHGood Housekeeping (magazine)
GHGameHouse (website)
GHGeorge Harrison (musician)
GHGrand Haven (Michigan, USA)
GHGenital Herpes
GHGame Hunter (online gaming)
GHGrays Harbor (Washington state)
GHGig Harbor (Washington)
GHGesamthochschule (German: Integrated University on Major and Minor Academic Degrees)
GHGood Hand
GHGreen Howards (a British regiment)
GHGlenohumeral (joint)
GHGung Ho (album)
GHGalbadia Hotel (compter gaming website)
GHGeneral Hardness
GHGestational Hypertension (pregnancy)
GHGrant Hill (NBA Player)
GHGovernment House
GHGesamthärte (German: Total Hardness of water)
GHGetting Hard
GHGordie Howe (pockey player)
GHGlobal Hawk (UAV)
GHGood Half (Counter-Strike gaming)
GHGun Hill (unstable mutant hemoglobin)
GHGuild House (Curtin University student housing, Australia)
GHGeneralized Hyperbolic
GHGunstar Heroes (game)
GHGlobal Hell
GHGhoti Hook (band)
GHGiga Hertz
GHGage Height
GHGakuen Heaven (anime)
GHGhana Airways - Ghana (IATA airline code)
GHGun Hill (NY bus depot)
GHGlobal Hand (Hong Kong)
GHGlast Heim (gaming, Ragnarok Online)
GHGameHippo (freeware gaming website)
GHGathering Home (eco-living website)
GHGood Hank (King of the Hill character)
GHGain Hit (Hekimian)
GHGustatory Hallucination (psychiatric assessment)
GHGlobalHelp (Help Desk Solutions)
GHGuardians of Honor (gaming community)
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GHGift and Hospitality
GHGlobal Hubbing (Global One)
GHGarden Hose
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Now the twins' star is on the rise thanks to River City writer Stephen Greenhorn using Proclaimers' songs to score Sunshine On Leith: A Musical.
But in the cheering crowd, Mary Ann Greenhorn knew something wasn't right with her daughter.
River City writer Stephen Greenhorn got there first and he has come up trumps with a colourful and emotional story that is propelled along by the neat and sometimes unexpected use of the Reid twins' songs.
Silent Thunder combines leading edge technologies to create a tactile realism matched by no other simulation product, and is ideal for greenhorn pilots or combat veterans.
East of Scotland League secretary John Greenhorn admitted Gretna's application had a good chance of being approved and said: "It will be down to the vote.
True, Ferreira did well to justify slight favouritism and beat Mardy Fish in his latest start, but it was worrying that the American greenhorn, who eventually capitulated in the searing heat, won the first two sets 6-2 6-3.
At fault first and foremost was the idiot in the crowd; the umpire was almost as culpable for not replaying the point; and any player longer in the tooth than greenhorn Roddick would surely have refused to accept it.
Don't expect a happy ending but do take your hat offto Scots writer Stephen Greenhorn for this thrilling piece of work.
The firm's chief Kevin Greenhorn said the company is growing rapidly and creating new employment as a result.
COUNTRYSIDE: I'm really enjoying the Greenhorn series.
From greenhorn to boy genius in a matter of months.
Mentioned last month in Plastics and Rubber Asia magazine, Cereplast was featured in a full length article entitled "PLA No More Greenhorn," the piece chronicled the evolution of the bio-based resins sector from chemical novelty to its emergence upon the scene as a formal sub-sector in the multi-billion dollar plastics industry.