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GRIDGlobal Resource Information Database
GRIDGay-Related Immune Deficiency
GRiDGlobal Command and Control System (GCCS) Requirements Database
GRIDGlobal Regulatory Information Database (Regulatory DataCorp, Int'l.)
GRIDGamma Ray Imaging Device
GRIDGenerating Renewable Ideas for Development
GRIDGraphic Interactive Display
GRIDGeorgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
GRIDGlobal Risk Information Databases
GRIDGCSS-AF Requirements Integration Directorate
GRIDGround Radio Interface Devices
GRIDGeneral Repository for Interaction Datasets (database)
GRIDGrowing Interest in the Development of Teaching Science (EU funded project)
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The name Open Grid Forum is inspired by our international community of grid researchers, developers, educators, users and solution providers who by working together, open new doors to scientific discovery, business value and commercial adoption worldwide.
grid station, Railway Road, Toba Road, Kathoor and Dawakhari feeders emanating from 132-KV Gojra grid station, Saeed Abad-1 feeder originating from 66-KV Nia Lahore grid station, Kot Khan, Noorwaywala and Sargodha Road feeders emanating from 132-KV Bhamb grid station, Rakh Dagana
An enterprise compute grid requires transparent access to a similarly dynamic and scalable pool of storage.
Adaptive grid refinement has been shown to be an effective tool for reducing the size of the grid (and consequently the linear system) required for a given accuracy when numerically solving partial differential equations.
While the Globus Consortium is not a standards body, it does intend to work in tandem with existing Grid standards bodies--such as the Global Grid Forum (GGF)--to further drive implementation of standards that best support enterprise Grid implementations.
The full benefits of the data grid can be realized with no changes to applications or the way users typically access their data.
Martin seems to finally accept the picture plane: she no longer tries to get under its (and our) skin, to needle her way into the surface as though inscribing the grid onto it, like a tattoo.
IBM Ready for Grid is both a program and a process that ensures an application is capable of executing and realizing benefits from running in a grid computing environment.
grid station, Zia Town feeder originating from 132-KV SPS grid station, Gulab feeder emanating