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GRITGrantor Retained Income Trust (estate planning)
GRITGirl Raised In the South
GRITGhost Recon: Island Thunder (game)
GRITGraduated and Reciprocated Initiatives in Tension-Reduction (psychology)
GRITGradual Reduction in Tension
GRITGroup, Range, Indication, Target (gunfire control)
GRITGroup Range Indication Type Fire (UK)
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He was in perfect condition, without an ounce of superfluous flesh, and the one hundred and fifty pounds that he weighed were so many pounds of grit and virility.
All honor to him, I agree; a fellow with that much grit deserves his liberty.
Her grit, her ability to turn off work that was such an amazement to others, were her mother's.
I've the grit to work alone, quite alone, absolutely alone.
They did a full grit of all the priority routes across the region, with temperatures dropping to freezing, and the first snow forecast.
The council is to grit more than 323 miles of priority road overnight during freezing weather - equivalent to gritting the distance between Gateshead to Southampton every night.
Northumberland Council has <Bbrought in thousands of tonnes of grit ahead of winter weather
Swansea Council has written to community councils and voluntary groups in a bid to recruit "community-minded individuals" who would help co-ordinate the provision of extra grit supplies when it snows.
The cash-strapped council's deputy leader, Coun Ian Ward, said current grit bin levels were "unsustainable" and the public's expectation of what the authority could provide needed to be "adjusted".
It is impossible for us to grit every road but we have kept the major highways operating while we have had very harsh winters in the last couple of years and we have prepared on the basis that we may have more very severe weather.
shares in Arakan, GRIT will issue and deliver to Arakan 2,438,000 shares