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GRUBGRand Unified Bootloader (GNU)
GRUBGreater Rochester Urban Bounty (New York; est. 1999)
GRUBGrowing Recruits for Urban Business (South Plains Food Bank; Lubbock, TX)
GRUBGrass Roots Ultimate Benefit (Boulder, CO)
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There were sheets on sheets of level, even brood-comb that had held in its time unnumbered thousands of unnamed workers; patches of obsolete drone-comb, broad and high-shouldered, showing to what marks the male grub was expected to grow; and two-inch deep honey-magazines, empty, but still magnificent, the whole gummed and glued into twisted scrap-work, awry on the wires; half-cells, beginnings abandoned, or grandiose, weak-walled, composite cells pieced out with rubbish and capped with dirt.
Go araound the Horn ef there's anythin' worth goin' fer, and the grub holds aout," said Disko.
Ran up there as it was coming on, and laid there the whole week and traded for grub with the niggers.
What gets me, Henry, is what a chap like this, that's a lord or something in his own country, and that's never had to bother about grub nor blankets; why he comes a-buttin' round the Godforsaken ends of the earth--that's what I can't exactly see.
She certainly did, for she was talking and laughing in the gayest manner with Frank while Sydney was covertly surveying Polly as if he did n't quite understand how the gray grub got so suddenly transformed into a white butterfly.
We would outfit our grub and water in the morning, hoist the big mainsail (which was a bigger piece of canvas than any I had ever sailed under), and beat our way out the estuary on the first of the seabreeze and the last of the ebb.
And south, still south, they would go, while the winter raced vainly after them, and the ice formed in the eddies, and the days grew chill and crisp, south to some warm Hudson Bay Company post, where timber grew tall and generous and there was grub without end.
Steamboats can't get up grub to Dawson till the middle of June, and that's nine months away.
He had early taken a violent antipathy to the host of poor scribblers who are known by the name of the residence of most of them, Grub Street--an antipathy chiefly based, it would seem, on his contempt for their worldly and intellectual poverty.
Our Goddess of Grub was built on lines so majestic that they could be followed only with awe.
The two men were compelled to run back to save the grub, upon which the huskies returned to the attack on the team.
For, look you, they dream of making lucky voyages which will bring them more money, of becoming the mates of ships, of finding fortunes--in short, of being in a better position for preying on their fellows, of having all night in, good grub and somebody else to do the dirty work.