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GRUNTSPopular Slang for Infantry
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He was too close for grunts, so I let him keep walking and got my bow back on the EZ hanger, then reached for my rattling antlers.
WHAT Today's market is saturated with all types of calls, and while some studies have shown deer have over a dozen vocal sounds, we'll focus on three of the top calls seen in the whitetail woods: buck grunts, rattling, and the snort-wheeze.
A study at the University of Sussex has revealed that players' grunts had a higher voice pitch during matches they lost than in games they won.
At this point, the ruler returned to the cooled confines and gingerly drove to retrieve another wagon for the grunts.
A quick series of three to five tending grunts will normally bring a lone pre- or peak-rut buck on a string, arriving with plans of stealing the doe being tended.
Gray snapper seem to prefer the more vertical structures such as the O Tower while the sea bass and grunts are often more numerous over hard bottom with a lot of variation in bottom contour.
Many of these calls, such as the snort and the tending grunt, certainly are familiar to most deer hunters.
If you couldn't learn how to deal with grunts, you'll probably have been weeded out of the system before the professional level," he added.
I suggest every time one of the offending players is about to hit the ball the crowd grunts in unison.
Unless you had catarrh, the grunt was unknown, apart from one lad who suffered from asthma and that was more wheeze than grunt in any case - and only when there was a lot of pollen about.
I don't mind a normal grunt when you hit it but when you are already grunting before and after you hit the shot, that's taking it to a different level.
But De Brito protested: "I am not the only one who grunts out on court.