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GINGuinea (ISO Country code)
GINGoods Identity Number (Configuration Identification and Management)
GINGlobal Information Network
GINGuidelines International Network
GINGraphics Input
GINGlobal Islands Network
GINGlobal Investigators Network
GINGrenoble Institut des Neurosciences (French)
GINGovernmental in Nature (US Army)
GINGovernmental in Nature (function performed by the Government)
GINGreenland - Iceland - Norway
GINGeoscience Information Network
GINGovernment Intranet Network
GINGeospatial Information and Navigation
GINGrants Integration Network
GINGeneral Identification Number
GINGreening of Industry Network
GINGlutamate-Like Immunoreactive Neuron (central nervous system)
References in classic literature ?
David raised the lids and shook his head, while Jacob put his finger in and took out a guinea to taste whether the metamorphosis into lozenges was complete and satisfactory.
No, Jacob; too soon, too soon," said David, when the guinea had been tasted.
Now, for the first time in his life, he had five bright guineas put into his hand; no man expected a share of them, and he loved no man that he should offer him a share.
So, year after year, Silas Marner had lived in this solitude, his guineas rising in the iron pot, and his life narrowing and hardening itself more and more into a mere pulsation of desire and satisfaction that had no relation to any other being.
Here's the guinea opinion: Suspect, in this case, the very last person on whom suspicion could possibly fall.
However, after a moment's hesitation, he contented himself with naming twenty guineas, and swore he would not sell it for less to his own brother.
The other swept back the guineas into the belt, and put it on again under his waistcoat.
Johnson sent him a guinea, promising to come to him as soon as possible.
I immediately put my hand into my pocket, and, laughing to him, pulled it out, and there was in it three guineas and a half.
To make some sort of disappearance had been his precise intention, but to disappear in this fashion and make his return to the world with a thousand guineas in his pocket, had not exactly come within the scope of his imagination.
Fogg took out the twenty guineas he had just won at whist, and handed them to the beggar, saying, "Here, my good woman.
Take care of your farthings, old Tinker, and your guineas will come quite nat'ral.