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GULGroup Universal Life (insurance)
GULGlasgow University Library (UK)
GULGeometry Utility Library (computer programming)
GULGuided Ultrasonics Ltd.
GULGulf Shore Resources (stock symbol)
GULGeneral Use Line Card (telecommunications)
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Doctors at the LRH said Gul was out of danger, but he would be kept under intensive medical observation for a few more days.
On General Kapoor's alleged involvement in the Sukna land scam, Gul has demanded an inquiry by the government of India on why the Army chief was initially being soft on Lieutenant- General Avadesh Prakash, whose court- martial proceedings have been initiated in the case.
A national election in July expanded the power of Erdogan's party, which led to the ascendancy of Gul.
Employees can use GUL to save money for health care, retirement, college, a down payment on a home, remodeling, a car, or any other long-term expense.
I follow very closely the joint economic works in Punjab province," Gul told Sharif in Ankara.
Gul made a speech in the breakfast, in his speech Turkish president firstly thanked to the Bangladeshi delegation for their hospitality.
December 01 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul answered a selection of the top-voted questions on YouTube World View.
LONDON, November 23, 2011 (TUR) - Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Wednesday that the world was going through historic changes.
President Abdullah Gul said the world economy had seen many rising stars, suns and tigers in the past.
November 20 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Sunday that he would mention Turkey's gratitude to Britain for the support extended to Turkey's European Union (EU) membership.
The enhancements will enable employees with GUL and GVUL to view account information, designate beneficiaries, change coverage and side-fund contribution amounts, and request withdrawals and loans online.
According to Kalu Khan police, Muhammad Waris in his FIR told police that he had sold a motorbike on Asad Gul s/o Gul Rasan but the latter failed to pay the money and we had a verbal brawl some days back.