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I first saw a gynecologist when I was already in my 30s to get a pap smear, because I just read somewhere that it was something I should do.
The gynecologist unsuccessfully tried to remove the IUD.
Hemorrhage: Bleeding during caesarian section outside the uterus usually comes from the broad ligament when a junior gynecologist tries to deliver the head of the baby through a small incision in the lower segment which gets torn and injures veins laterally lying in the broad ligament.
Once the fibroids are discovered, they can be monitored by the gynecologist.
It is also appropriate for a child without precocious puberty concerns to see a gynecologist in the early teenage years.
Meanwhile, the gynecologist claimed he was led to believe the Iranian woman had hepatitis, which is why he agreed to abort the fetus.
Learman, an obstetric gynecologist at UCSF and a coauthor of the U.
Thus, a knowledgeable, interested internist might be a better choice than an uninterested gynecologist.
Although more women are visiting the gynecologist regularly, many still avoid dealing head-on with feminine health issues.
If these medicines don't do the trick and you're still writhing in agony, missing school or changing holiday plans, you should definitely see your pediatrician or gynecologist.
It was also found that only two-fifths of the women shared their concerns with their gynecologist.