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GPSMGypsum (lithological term)
GPSMGeneralized Probabilistic Semantic Model (language processing)
GPSMGlobal Product Supply Management Pty. Ltd. (Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia)
GPSMGramercy Park Sports Medicine (New York, NY)
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Conference chairman, Dr Robert McCaffrey, commented: "For those with a special interest in gypsum, whether as a producer, equipment vendor, researcher or trader, the 8th Global Gypsum conference is an absolute must-attend event, and provides the perfect opportunity to meet up with old acquaintances and make useful new contacts in the gypsum industry in the Gulf region and beyond.
Gypsum board market in Indonesia is presently dominated by three main suppliers which are all connected with foreign companies.
Scientists say that the cave in Mexico once contained tots of hot water that had gypsum dissolved in it.
An exception is the Ninyerola Gypsum unit, a small unit showing low salinity conditions located about 15 km to the SW of the city of Valencia.
The processing machine converts the material into a gypsum powder that USG's plant in Charlestown, Mass.
A tender competition for R&D projects, operational trials and demonstration projects will be launched to explore the opportunities for recycled gypsum in a number of different applications such as construction and agriculture, as well as examining opportunities for more efficient collection and segregation.
Gypsum samples were separated into 8 treatments, consisting of analytical grade reagent (AR) gypsum (BDH Analar CaS[O.
Gypsum fiber panels have been used as interior walls, as a high-strength flooring underlayment, and as an exterior sheathing worldwide, especially in Europe, since the early 1970s.
The North American gypsum product industry is highly cyclical.
G-P Gypsum, a Georgia-Pacific company, has garnered the respect of the entire gypsum industry to become one of the largest producers of gypsum products in North America.
A two year study was conducted at the University of Missouri Delta Center at Portageville, Missouri to determine whether gypsum ([CaSO.
Building a 2,000-square-foot house leaves about a ton of gypsum wallboard waste from end cuts, window and door cutouts, and broken boards.