hEGFHuman Epidermal Growth Factor
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EPCs isolated from human early fetal aortas were maintained in DMEM/F12 medium containing 100 [micro]g/ml ECGS, 5 ng/ml LIF, 20 ng/ml bFGF, 20 ng/ml hEGF and 10% FBS, in a humidified incubator (5% CO [sub]2 , 37[degrees]C).
Kyunggi-do, Korea) has patented a genetically engineered fusion protein consisting of hEGF that is internalized inside of the cells after tracing down the cancer cells expressing hEGF receptors and human angiogenin that is cytotoxic by degrading ribonucleotide upon internalization, a process for preparing a fusion protein in a large quantity by transforming E.