hK10Human Keratin 10 Gene
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Serum hK2, hK3, hK5, hK6, hK7, hK8, hK10, and hK11 concentrations were significantly (P <0.
Slolopass HK10 is part of a complete portfolio of zinc/zinc alloy processes and advanced passivats and topcoats.
Serum hK6 and hK10 concentrations were also suppressed by both treatments but to a much lesser degree.
Together with the interim dividend of HK10 cents per share, total dividend for 2014 amounted to HK25 cents per share (2013 same period: HK25 cents per share).
hK10 protein was also shown to be produced in many tissues (17), but this protease has not yet been shown to have enzymatic activity (25).
Recombinant hK1, hK2, hK3, hK4, hK5, hK6, hK7, hK8, hK9, hK10, hK11, hK12, hK14, and hK15 proteins did not produce measurable readings, even at concentrations 1000-fold higher than that of hK13.
Recently, three other members of this family, hK6 (also known as neurosin), hK10 [also known as normal epithelial cell specific 1 (NES1)], and hK11 [also known as trypsin-like serine protease (TLSP)], have been shown to be potential biomarkers for ovarian and prostate cancer (4-6).
In addition to hK3 and hK2, hK6 and hK10 are emerging diagnostic markers for ovarian cancer (67-70).
The cross-reactivity of our assay with other kallikreins was determined by the use of purified, recombinant hK2 (250 [micro]g/L), hK3 (PSA; 1000 [micro]g/L), hK5 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK6 (2500 [micro]g/L), hK7 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK8 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK9 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK10 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK11 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK12 (1000 [micro]g/L), hK13 (1000 [micro]g/L), and hK14 (1000 [micro]g/L).