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In this context, the term inhabit is fundamental to this reflection and it is important to outline an approximation of the notion of habitability and its implications in the complex process of design.
Johnson, who was represented by LSEM, filed an answer, affirmative defenses including a breach of the implied warranty of habitability, and a two-count counterclaim for violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and a common law breach of lease alleging violation of the implied warranty of habitability.
There's no doubt habitability remains an issue in the Long Beach housing market; but seemingly of greater importance is the need to address housing security against specious and flippant eviction.
Consequently, the research world has been required to develop appropriate interdisciplinary methodological frameworks in order to study and solve habitability, thereby provoking a great debate concerning the meaning of interdisciplinary discussion and how this approach can be promoted.
While facially a great benefit to tenants, the warranty of habitability found in Real Property Law [section] 235-b, winds up working against tenants and for nobody once this cycle initiates.
The legislature in addressing the issue of implied warranty of habitability may decide that a disclaimer should not release the builder who has sold a defective structure.
The government and the ruling Grand National Party agreed on the measures to enhance the habitability of the islets, called Dokdo in South Korea and Takeshima in Japan, on Sunday at a high-level meeting of officials from both sides, according to the Dong-a Ilbo.
Habitability emerges in texts when space fulfills the subject's psychological, emotional, and social needs.
Put simply, it is wrong to destroy the habitability of our planet and ruin the prospects of every generation that follows ours.
MEPs adopted an amendment stating that "this reduction in power must not under any circumstances diminish the vessel's safeness, habitability or the efficiency of fish-processing systems".
Environmental Health Needs & Habitability Assessment.