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HKHong Kong
HKHeckler and Koch (German gun manufacturer)
HKHarman/Kardon (audio products manufacturer)
HKHello Kitty (cartoon)
HKHuman Kinetics
HKHell's Kitchen (TV Show)
HKHurricane Katrina
HKHentai Kamen (Japanese manga series)
HKHyperkalemia (elevated potassium)
HKHitachi Kokusai (various locations)
HKHästkraft (Swedish: horsepower)
HKHarry Kalas (Philadelphia Phillies announcer)
HKHideo Kojima (Japanese video game director)
HKHarmony Korine (movie director)
HKHugs & Kisses
HKHershey's Kisses (chocolate candy)
HKHive Key (Microsoft registry component)
HKHari Krishna
HKHit & Kill
HKHard Kill
HKHerstellkosten (German: Production Costs)
HKHostile Kids (gaming clan)
HKHerpes Keratitis (ophthalmological malady)
HKHuman Glandular Kallikrein
HKHefnerkerze (old unit for light measurement)
HKHonor Kill (gaming, World of Warcraft)
HKHolds Confirmed (reservation status)
HKHan-Kobayashi (information coding)
HKHeldannic Knights (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons)
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However, Fabro declined to give details of the recruitment of 'ethical' hackers who would be helping the police protect the PNP cyberinfrastructure.
It is to mention here that the Indian hackers have attacked and hacked more than 250 Pakistani websites.
One main difference with respect to costs between cyber attacks and information sharing is that the former requires costly funding, planning, sustained effort through time, involving buildup of infrastructure, culture, and competence, while the latter carries cost of a different nature, and may sometimes be even costless for each hacker aside from the time spent on transferring the information.
Chang, the expert team had successfully prevented two attacks from hackers recently.
The hackers' modus operandi was similar to the ICA attack, with pages developed by the hackers being inserted onto Indian servers and sites being hacked to root level, The Express Tribune reported.
David Hobson, Managing Director at GSS, said that a US government video of a power station generator, released to the media, clearly shows what can happen when hackers take over control of a turbine system.
Most hackers aren't skilled enough to actually retrieve records and related data.
Any sort of sensitive information being transmitted or stored on a PC over a Wi-Fi network is definitely a risk," says the former hacker, who says he's hacked into school networks and found Excel spreadsheets with student grades, login passwords for student grade systems and even explicit pictures stored on teachers' hard drives.
Hackers taking advantage of this seven to 30 hour window have a very easy and effective way to fly under the radar of most security products.
But Watters believes the hacker threat is subsiding, and can be dealt with largely through traditional anti-virus products.
Hacker had been working at the detailing bay since morning and was alone, officials said.
A 23-year-old Brazilian hacker from the east-central city of Goiania claims to have set up a 15-member hacking ring that earns US$7 million a year by robbing unsuspecting bank clients.