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HPHome Page
HPHigh Performance
HPHigh Power(ed)
HPHigh Point (geographical)
HPHealth Plan
HPHidden Power (Pokemon)
HPHigh Pressure
HPHigh Pass (Filter)
HPHarry Potter
HPHigher Power
HPHigh Production
HPHead Phones
HPHealth Promotion
HPHire Purchase
HPHospital (UK)
HPHigh Priority
HPHand Phone (cellular phone)
HPHuman Performance
HPHighway Patrol
HPHealth Points (video games)
HPHonda Prelude
HPHealth Physics
HPHigh Purity
HPHeat Pipe
HPHigh Priced
HPHyde Park
HPHouse Party (Sims expansion pack)
HPHole Punch(er)
HPHand Picked (groundnuts)
HPHemel Hempstead (postcode, United Kingdom)
HPHalbpension (German: halfboard)
HPHimachal Pradesh (state in India)
HPHydrogen Peroxide
HPHelicobacter Pylori (bacteria)
HPHôpitaux de Paris (French: Paris Hospitals; Paris, France)
HPHigh Priest
HPHouses of Parliament (UK)
HPAmerica West Airlines (airline code)
HPHigh Pitch (musical instruments)
HPHelmerich & Payne (oil company)
HPHuntington Park (California)
HPHot Process (soap making)
HPHip Pain
HPHolding Pattern
HPHollowpoint (bullet)
HPHello! Project
HPHome Port (of a vessel)
HPHistory and Physical (medical)
HPHotplugging (ability to plug in new devices and use immediately)
HPHypersensitivity Pneumonitis
HPHealth Practitioner
HPHunter's Point (San Francisco district)
HPHoliday Pay
HPHoney Pie (Beatles song)
HPHoi Polloi
HPHodrick-Prescott (Filter)
HPHersheypark (amusement park Hershey, Pennsylvania)
HPHole Plug
HPHydraulic Platform (self-propelled, fire brigade road vehicle for aerial rescue/firefighting used in UK)
HPHealth Post
HPHit Probability
HPHealth Physicist
HPHiroshima Prefecture
HPHenry Paul (musician)
HPHorizontal Polarization
HPHeart Points (gaming)
HPHerald Press
HPHot Pipe
HPHeritage Party (Zambia)
HPHindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
HPHladno Pivo (band)
HPHope Page
HPHead Prefect
HPHarmonic Power
HPHorse Piss (Horse Piss Beer)
HPHintapyyntö (Finnish)
HPHyper Police (anime series)
HPHale Pohaku (Dormitory at Mauna Kea Observatories)
HPHalf Position (music)
HPHit Point(s) (gaming)
HPHigher Order Path
HPHemi-Pelvectomy (amputation)
HPHide Position
HPHajtás Pajtás (Bike Messenger Company; Hungary)
HPHazi Palinka (Hungarian plum brandy)
HPHuman Particulate
HPHead Pixie (cartoon character)
HPHousehold Profile
HPHealth Point(s) (gaming)
HPHiper Pool
HPHora Prima (Latin: First Hour, epigraphy)
HPHic Positus (Latin: Buried Here, epigraphy)
HPHonesta Puella (Latin: Virtuous Girl, epigraphy)
HPHonestus Puer (Latin: Virtuous Boy, epigraphy)
HPHydrographic Procedure
HPHereditatis Possessio (Latin: Ownership by Heritage, epigraphy)
HPHorizontal Plotter
HPHunter Pence (baseball player)
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Place a half-pint glass over the coin and wrap a sheet of newspaper over the glass.
As children begin to taste how good this milk is," he added, "Mayfield's half-pint vanilla milk should take off and do well in school cafeterias.
A hunt member said: "He was drinking red wine out of a half-pint tumbler which was being topped up by the waitresses.
The Coronation Beer was sold for price was 2s 6d for a half-pint bottle.
glass abestas directly into a half-pint - a hurricane glass is best.
Emma Bridgewater's half-pint version will set you back pounds 14.
HALF-PINT hero Christopher Baller celebrated his sixth birthday with a police bravery award for nailing an armed robber.
95), by Canadians Ellie Topp, a home economist, and Margaret Howard, a registered dietitian, tells how to make a little bit - generally two to five half-pint jars - of a lot of different fruit and veggie-based concoctions.
PROPPING up the bar in the officers' mess, a young Princess Diana waits for her half-pint of shandy.
Meanwhile, people think drinking spirits isn't fattening but a single measure of gin, rum or brandy contains as many calories as a half-pint of beer.
Time was when a half-pint of bourbon would buy a vote in the state of Alabama, but that is now against the law.