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HALOSHelping and Lending Outreach Support (Charleston, SC)
HALOSHooked and Looped on Stamps (unmounted rubber stamps)
HALOSHawaii Athletic League of Scholars
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They are the most striking and lovely part of their outfit - a halo don't BEGIN.
The only other thing that has been removed is the halo round the head of the Child Jesus.
It was not actually raining, but each gas lamp had a rusty little halo of mist.
But, from his present point of view, there was a halo of happiness about each of their heads, and he would have sacrificed all the brass buttons on the continent to have been enabled to return to them.
No golden halo of fiction was about this example, I saw it bare and real, and it was very loathsome.
The speaker was a broadly-built man, whose large, flat, pale face was bounded on the North by a fringe of hair, on the East and West by a fringe of whisker, and on the South by a fringe of beard--the whole constituting a uniform halo of stubbly whitey-brown bristles.
The halo of her tawny hair stirred as I let myself drop by her side.
I did inherit Thy withering portion with the fame, The searing glory which hath shone Amid the jewels of my throne, Halo of Hell
A sort of halo, an occidental glow, came over life then.
He is surrounded by a mysterious halo of family confidences, of which he is known to be the silent depository.
They labor for an abstract idea; they heap together all the atoms of their power, to from a single man; and round this man, with the sweat of their labor, they create a misty halo, which his genius shall, in turn, render a glory gilded with the rays of all the crowns in Christendom.
I wonder if there is real intrinsic beauty in the old soup-plates, beer-mugs, and candle-snuffers that we prize so now, or if it is only the halo of age glowing around them that gives them their charms in our eyes.