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HALTSHungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Serious
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Kennedy motioned to his companion to be silent and to halt.
Between halts and stumbles, jerks and lurches, locomotion had at times seemed impossible.
He just halts a little in his walk, from the effect of an injury received in past years, when he was a soldier serving in India, and he carries a thick bamboo cane, with a curious crutch handle
At a little six by eight stall Tobin halts, with a more human look in his eye.
As for himself (and you are to bear in mind that he was cumbered with a great-coat) he had first turned crimson, but as time went on the redness began to be mingled with patches of white; his breath cried and whistled as it came; and his voice, when he whispered his observations in my ear during our halts, sounded like nothing human.
But, his sensations in this regard halt as to their strict morality, as he halts in his gait; for, they suggest the delights of a coat of invisibility in which to walk off safely with the precious stones and watch-cases, but stop short of any compunction for the people who would lose the same.
As is usual in traveling in the tropics, a halt was made during the heated middle of the day.
Somebody's load has tipped off in the road-- Cheer for a halt and a row