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HAMALHispanic American Medical Association of Louisiana, Inc. (New Orleans, LA)
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DRUGS HAUL: MV Hamal being | |watched by an NCA officer
Hamal moved to Sweden at the beginning of this year, taking his Cypriot ID card and passport with him.
people used to come every day,' said Hawa Hamal Mohammed, a relative
5) I am grateful to my students Jean Kapi, who translated the names for me, and Ignatius Hamal, who suggested that the name 'Ikena' sounds very similar to the words 'I can', thus stressing the strength and will power (obstinacy?
In which constellation is Hamal the brightest star?
We are taking a much more comprehensive look both at space situational awareness and how do we defend and ensure the availability of our space capabilities," Hamal said.
The two-year-old in-calf Romany 1 Julia sold for 3,400 guineas to W M Pryce, of Penmaes and Hamal Herefords, Llanfillo, Brecon, and the two-year-old Romany 1 Angus for 3,000 guineas to B, H & M R Myers, of Boundless Herefords, Guildford, Surrey.
Charges of corruption against the minister came from fellow legislator in the Nepali Congress Party (NCP) and Minister of State (junior minister) for Forest and Soil Conservation Surendra Hamal, who said Friday that Shrestha had received $2,060 as bribe for upgrading the capacity of forest industries.
Lt Col Charles Richardson observed with awe how before Monty first won the crucial defensive battle of Alam Hamal 'the fighting men, almost every one of them, had actually seen him and heard him speak.
Wales stuck with a five-man defence and two deep midfield players to contain Qatar, who were being watched by their ruler, His Highness the Emir Sheik Hamal Bin Khalifa Al Thani, one of the richest men in the world.
In fact, the inclusion of de Hamal in this scene reflects Bronte's intention to align her reader with Lucy, rather than with "men of sense.
The literal meaning of one of his words flickers in her mind: Hamal, the bearer of burdens.