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4) Handicapped parking permit: a distinguishing license plate, removable windshield placard, or temporarily issued removable windshield placard that displays the international symbol of access.
In recent years, several high-profile cases of people misusing disabled placards came to light, including a 1999 scandal when four current and former UCLA football players pleaded no contest to illegally possessing handicapped parking placards.
Father Benzi reported that Nadia Fratti is on trial in Volgograd for having falsified the documents of at least 600 healthy children, classifying them as handicapped in order to take them to Italy.
Far fewer handicapped children sit at home staring at the walls, and the number attending college has more than tripled since 1978.
In the early 1980s the Secretary of State for Wales appointed Davies to a working party to look at future provision for the mentally handicapped in Wales.
Remarkable results had been achieved through stimulating the physical, emotive and intellectual potential of their own autistic daughter, Marine (then aged 15) and they were firmly convinced other similarly handicapped children would benefit from the same sensitive individual attention.
Thus, while no "bright-line" rule has developed from the case law, a key issue in disputes arising out of excessive absenteeism is whether the employer can offer a "reasonable accommodation" to the handicapped employee.
However, in families providing low levels of support and encouragement, depression increased to the same degree among healthy youngsters as among handicapped ones.
The courts have been forced into this vacuum, acting as arbiters, having to balance the rights of the handicapped with the school's duty to maintain order and discipline and to provide an appropriate education for all children.
ISLAMABAD, January 20, 2011 (Frontier Star): The poor public transport system is causing trouble for the handicapped persons in twin cities.
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