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In this respect was Gahan handicapped, though the loyalty of his players did much to offset his ignorance of them, since they aided him in arranging the board to the best advantage and told him honestly the faults and virtues of each.
Bulan, notwithstanding the running battle the two bulls were forcing upon him, was gaining steadily upon the fleeing ourang outang that was handicapped by the weight of the fair captive he bore in his huge, hairy arms.
But handicapped by the struggling boy he had not time to turn the key before the officer threw himself against the panels and burst out before the master of fence, closely followed by the Lady Maud.
He felt himself handicapped in the presence of Tudor, who had the gift of making a show of all his qualities.
Old Marrow-Bone, deserted and far behind, was tottering silently along in his handicapped race with death.
Then, too, he was handicapped by the possession of a great fund of experience with girls and women who had been absolutely different from her.
Naturally I was much handicapped by the presence of the girl.
He would jump up to rush on deck and tramp, tramp up and down that poop till he felt ready to drop, without being able to wear down the agitation of his soul, generous indeed, but weighted by its envelope of blood and muscle and bone; handicapped by the brain creating precise images and everlastingly speculating, speculating--looking out for signs, watching for symptoms.
But Sheeta was handicapped by such a rope, and as he leaped once again after Tarzan of the Apes the rope encircled the small bush, became tangled in it and brought the panther to a sudden stop.
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Ayman el-Tantawi, executive manager of the Kayan Society for Children with Special Needs, says that handicapped people are treated equally with 'normal' people in other countries.
He added, "Most families refuse to marry their healthy son or daughter to a handicapped person.