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HAOHigh Altitude Observatory (US National Center for Atmospheric Research)
HAOHamilton, Ohio (Airport Code)
HAOHospice Association of Ontario
HAOHumanitarian Affairs Officer
HAOHealth Action Overseas
HAOHuman Appeal Organization
HAOHumanitarian Assistance Operation
HAOHaute Activité Oxyde (French: High Activity Oxide)
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According to Hao, the victims had been holding an informal, in the field, religious gathering when the suspect suddenly fired his service weapon, an M-16 assault rifle, towards the direction of the victims.
If Hao had decided to bench his all-state quarterback, would he still be coaching?
We'd like any potential dealers - whether in Dubai or in neighbouring territories - to contact Kinbull," commented Hao.
HAO NI is an artist who is currently pursuing an MFA at The Rhode Island School of Design.
Now, Hao is wondering if Apple has taken heed of China's censorship laws only after the past few weeks' public relations crisis.
People seem to think they are cute or lucky and will buy them as soon as they're off the tree," the Daily mail quoted Hao as saying.
The regional military spokesman initially reported that 10 people were killed and two wounded, but Hao said the death toll of two was confirmed after soldiers reached the scene of the blast.
Ding Hao and witness first-hand the opportunities associated with hosting a World Expo," said Dr Saidi.
It was the second seed Xu Xin who got the first advantage in the game but the top seed Wang Hao also showed great composure in the battle.
2) Strong bands on the ground were observed during this eclipse from Anaa atoll, 470km to the west of Hao, (3) but I did not see these myself since I was observing from an area covered with scrubby vegetation.
Four stations for live broadcasting will be set up in Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shanghai where the whole eclipse can be observed, Hao Jinxin, deputy director of the observatories, was quoted by Xinhua News Agency as saying Friday.
Here Hao (computational electromagnetics, Queen Mary College, U.