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HAPHazardous Air Pollutant
HAPHealth Alliance Plan (Michigan)
HAPHousing Assistance Payment (US Housing & Urban Development Program)
HAPHospital-Acquired Pneumonia
HAPHousing Authority of Portland (Portland, OR)
HAPHumanitarian Accountability Partnership International (Geneva, Switzerland; est. 2003)
HAPHourly Analysis Program
HAPHigh Assurance Platform
HAPHumanitarian Action Plan
HAPHague Appeal for Peace
HAPHigh Altitude Platform
HAPHomeownership Assistance Program (Florida)
HAPHost Access Protocol
HAPHigher Achievement Program (education)
HAPHuman Anatomy and Physiology
HAPHospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (also seen as HHAP)
HAPHigh Average Power
HAPHealthy Aging Partnership (Puget Sound, WA)
HAPHigh Accident Potential
HAPHome-owners' Assistance Program
HAPHillside Agricultural Project (Jamaica)
HAPHospital Advantage Plan (AARP)
HAPHigh Altitude Parachutist
HAPHierarchical Analytical Protocol
HAPHai Asia Pacific (Sri Lanka)
HAPHardware Architecture Plan
HAPHoliday Assistance Program (various organizations)
HAPHook-Associated Protein
HAPHealth Administration Press (American College of Healthcare Executives)
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For over 50 years, HAP has partnered with leading doctors, hospitals, employers and community organizations to enhance the health and well-being of the lives we touch.
Vice-president HAP mentioned that he is in contact with Ambassador of Norway with regard to generate handicrafts related activities.
The series follows Hap and his gay Vietnam veteran buddy Leonard Pine (Michael K Williams).
Avealto's HAP vehicle will be able to provide an "instant-on", scalable, cost effective telecom infrastructure for developing countries and to fill in gaps in existing infrastructure in more developed countries.
But with Suqati's missed shot on the 9th frame and Qarni's slowing down with spares against five baggers of Lising, Pro Hap Hap extricated and even though Nojoom bartered strikes with Payongayong the PHH team entered championship on concluding scores of 829-798.
Scaffolds containing both polymers have significantly improved mechanical strength compared to the pure chitosan or alginate-coated ones [14], therefore in the current research scaffolds were prepared from pure HAp to obtain a better pore structure and then coated with chitosan and/or alginate for better cell attachment and controlled drug delivery.
1), (2) HAp has a chemical composition very similar to that of the inorganic part of human bones and has excellent biocompatibility in comparison with other implant materials.
Hap, who was 13, remembered seeing blood stains on the streets, from East Germans who tried to escape.
Once a MACT floor has been established for an industry, all existing facilities within that industry must take whatever steps are needed so that their HAP emissions do not exceed the floor.
New Hydropel G360LA series marine gel coats reportedly meet MACT standards for low HAP with 21% to 32% styrene content.
Following the EPA model, they estimated which California census tracts had the greatest HAP exposures.
trees with reduced amounts of VOC and HAP precursors the t might eliminate the need for costly emission control devices