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HKDHong Kong Dollar (currency of Hong Kong)
HKDHapkido (Korean martial art)
HKDHong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)
HKDHakodate, Japan - Hakodate (Airport Code)
HKDHankido (Korean martial art)
HKDHyperkinetic Disorder
HKDHealthy Kids Dental (Michigan Medicaid program)
HKDHousekeeping Data (aeronautics)
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The centre was the first establishment for practising the Hapkido martial art in Bahrain, and it is the IHF official representative in the kingdom.
Neither Hapkido nor East West are dealers in Taekwon stock, nor in Hapkido stock.
On Saturday Hapkido groups from across Europe will compete in individual events from 10am in the Olympia Building at the University.
I am going to chase you,''' said Eric, who is trained in judo, tae kwon do and hapkido.
MARTIAL ARTS: Middlesbrough hosts the first UK National Hapkido Championship at the University of Teesside's Olympia Building on Saturday (10am to 4pm).
Five members of American Hapkido Academy's Mighty Mites, a martial arts program for children ages 3 to 5, received their black stripe belts during a ceremony on Feb.
While there are many different styles, such as taekwondo, hapkido, and karate, there is still potential for injury.
As well as incorporating the university's Team Northumbria sports, activities as diverse as hapkido, fencing, archery and karate are also on offer.
So it was a bit of surprise when three months ago, Javier and Joanna Ruiz walked into the offices of American Hapkido in Santa Clarita and signed up for karate classes.
There are two yoga centers in Santa Clarita - Yoga Yoga, which has been around for five years, and the American Hapkido Academy, now in its fourth year.
I hate the heat,'' said Marcy Liu, who owns Liu's Won Moo Hapkido studio in Northridge.
com)-- The aggressive style incorporates effective methods and successful techniques from a number of various disciplines such as Tai Chi, Hapkido, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, and Kung Fu.