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HAPSHistory and Philosophy of Science
HAPSHuman Anatomy and Physiology Society (LaGrange, GA)
HAPSHigh Performance Asic Prototyping System
HAPSHigh Altitude Platform Station
HAPSHeating and Plumbing Services
HAPSHunter Area Pathology Service (Australia)
HAPSHydrazine Auxiliary Propulsion System
HAPSHealth and Public Services (Denton, MD)
HAPSHealth Assessment Program for Seniors (UCI)
HAPSHouston Automatic Priority Spooling
HAPSHazard Abatement Program System
HAPSHazardous Air Pollution Substance
HAPSHurricane Airborne Profiling System
HAPSHydrologic Auxiliary Processing System
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Synopsys HAPS prototyping systems deliver the highest system performance and debug visibility that enable design and verification teams to avoid costly re-spins and accelerate their development schedules," said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and prototyping at Synopsys.
Los HAPs presentan una toxicidad variable en funcion de su estructura molecular, influyendo factores como el tamano, la forma de las moleculas y la presencia de sustituyentes en determinadas posiciones de los anillos bencenicos.
You can use any design you desire for the top of the hap.
I am excited that JP Aerospace will be involved in designing the Avealto HAP vehicle.
The Synopsys FPGA-based prototyping solution consists of a suite of modular, easy-to-use products for ASIC and SoC prototyping that include HAPS hardware components supported by an integrated software tool flow for design planning, FPGA synthesis, and debug.
Final rule incorporates the concept of family of materials--In the final rule, applicability was limited to processes that produce materials emitting one of 15 HAPs, as well as a family of materials that are similar products (processes that produce variations of the same product and similar emission profiles are considered one CMPU).
Slashing operations: for this subcategory, new and existing facilities may not emit any HAPs.
They have begun a follow-up study focusing more closely on the relationship between cumulative exposure to HAPs and childhood leukemia, which will include questionnaire information on personal activity patterns and indoor pollution sources.
Formaldehyde may also react with other trace HAPs to form suspected or known carcinogens.
These HAP reduction requirements apply only to major sources.