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HAPSHigh Altitude Platform Station
HAPSHydrazine Auxiliary Propulsion System
HAPSHealth Assessment Program for Seniors (UCI)
HAPSHouston Automatic Priority Spooling
HAPSHazard Abatement Program System
HAPSHurricane Airborne Profiling System
HAPSHydrologic Auxiliary Processing System
HAPSHealth and Public Services (Denton, MD)
HAPSHistory and Philosophy of Science
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According to Paich, the challenge for businesses is replacing high-performance, solvent-based coatings that typically contain high levels of VOCs and HAPs.
And if that's not enough, stacking the PCIX board directly on a large HAPS mother board will remove the bottleneck completely.
The Virtex-II Pro is connected to the HAPS motherboard with 119 signals, which allows fast communication with the emulated design.
All HAPS add-on boards such as memories, communication, I/O and connector boards are compatible with HAPS-FPGA_2x3.
HAPS contains the functionality needed for ASIC prototypes such as: FPGAs for implementing the ASIC logic, connectors for adding IP-blocks, clock nets designed for high speed, configurable connectivity for partitioning, I/O-connections and a carefully planned board running at 200 MHz.
ProtoCompiler software and integrated HAPS hardware accelerate time to prototype bring-up and improve prototype performance
The agency has more flexibility in how to address the HAP emissions from these facilities, and the new air standards could mean anything from increased paperwork, monitoring and reporting, new work practices standards and/or additional control technologies for smaller casting facilities.
Our software will be carefully tested and proven on the HAPS platforms.
Superior debug capabilities are built in with HAPS Deep Trace Debug, which can store seconds of signal trace data, and supports Synopsys Verdi, which delivers superior debug visualization
The sale of HAPS has been strong worldwide, particularly in U.
Nasdaq:SNPS), a global leader providing software, IP and services used to accelerate innovation in chips and electronic systems, today announced the availability of Synopsys' HAPS-70 Series FPGA-based prototyping systems, extending its HAPS product line to address the increasing size and complexity of system-on-chip (SoC) designs.