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HASTHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
HASTHighly Accelerated Stress Test
HASTHyper Amorphous Silicon TFT (LCD)
HASTHumanitarian Assistance Survey Team
HASTHank Aaron State Trail (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
HASTHead and Shoulders Top (stock trading strategy)
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Thou sayest well," returned David, "and hast caught the true spirit of Christianity.
Gentle breeze, that wanderest unseen, And bendest the thistles round Loira of storms, Traveler of the windy glens, Why hast thou left my ear so soon?
Mopo, thou hast slain one who might have been a king.
Now, choose betwixt such a scorching bed and the payment of a thousand pounds of silver; for, by the head of my father, thou hast no other option.
But tell me, as thou livest, hast thou seen a more valiant knight than I in all the known world; hast thou read in history of any who has or had higher mettle in attack, more spirit in maintaining it, more dexterity in wounding or skill in overthrowing?
Look yonder," said my Guide, "in Flatland thou hast lived; of Lineland thou hast received a vision; thou hast soared with me to the heights of Spaceland; now, in order to complete the range of thy experience, I conduct thee downward to the lowest depth of existence, even to the realm of Pointland, the Abyss of No dimensions.
When thou hast lived as long as I have, Little Brother, thou wilt see how all the Jungle obeys at least one Law.
And hast thou e'er heard the song of the Deserted Shepherdess?
The things which thou hast taught him be above his station, and the hopes and ambitions they inspire will but make his end the bitterer for him.
Whom thus our Saviour answered with disdain:-- "I never liked thy talk, thy offers less; Now both abhor, since thou hast dared to utter The abominable terms, impious condition.
Hear then: this man whom thou hast sought to arrest
Now if thou hast seen all these, be not afraid of the rude answer which Lord Rochester once gave to a man who had seen many things.