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References in classic literature ?
So, soon after there came one on horseback, and knocked at the gate in great haste.
Got it out of a book -- means the more haste the less speed.
Then let us haste in helping The Missionary Board, Seek dark-skinned unbelievers, And teach them of their Lord.
By this time, the three constables rode up, and in great haste dis- mounted, tied their horses, and met Master William and Mr.
I uttered an expression of disgust, and pushed past him into the yard, running against Earnshaw in my haste.
Some two hundred feet below, a brawling upland stream stood for the moat, and for the enemy there was on the opposite side of the valley a great green company of trees, settled like a cloud slope upon slope, making all haste to cross the river and ascend the heights where I stood.
On to thir mornings rural work they haste Among sweet dewes and flours; where any row Of Fruit-trees overwoodie reachd too farr Thir pamperd boughes, and needed hands to check Fruitless imbraces: or they led the Vine To wed her Elm; she spous'd about him twines Her mariageable arms, and with her brings Her dowr th' adopted Clusters, to adorn His barren leaves.
In the anteroom he found his attendant Anwold, who, taking the torch from the hand of the waiting-maid, conducted him with more haste than ceremony to an exterior and ignoble part of the building, where a number of small apartments, or rather cells, served for sleeping places to the lower order of domestics, and to strangers of mean degree.
Then, brother," I replied, "you can return to your China, post haste or at whatever haste you are bound to go, as I am not fit for so long a travel and, besides being ill, I am very much without money, while Emperor for Emperor and Monarch for Monarch, I have at Naples the great Count of Lemos, who, without so many petty titles of colleges and rectorships, sustains me, protects me and does me more favour than I can wish for.
I repeat to you, however, and this time on my word of honor--I think perhaps too often--that I am in haste, great haste.
Yet, though the copy is wanted in haste, the original is so carelessly written that I hardly know how to set about my task.
Well, Jane, make haste and tell us; make haste, my love.