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HzHertz (formerly cycles per second)
HZHazardous (Material)
HZHaze (aviation meteorology)
HZHangzhou (China)
HZHorizons (game)
HZHerpes Zoster (skin disease)
HZHabitable Zone
HZHot Zone
HZHydrazine Sulfate
HZHorde Zla (supporters of Football Club Sarajevo)
HZHrvatske Željeznice (Croatian Railways)
HZHuman Zone
HZHispazone (Spanish computer website)
HZHorizons: Empires of Istaria
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Few persons will be so visionary as seriously to contend that military forces ought not to be raised to quell a rebellion or resist an invasion; and if the defense of the community under such circumstances should make it necessary to have an army so numerous as to hazard its liberty, this is one of those calamaties for which there is neither preventative nor cure.
I'd like to put on the gloves with you every day for half an hour," Hazard said.
I'll swap lessons with you any time," Hazard offered.
Mine to vindicate through all risks and all sacrifices--through the hopeless struggle against Rank and Power, through the long fight with armed deceit and fortified Success, through the waste of my reputation, through the loss of my friends, through the hazard of my life.
His heart burned for the foray, the ambush, the skirmish, the scamper, and all the haps and hazards of roving and predatory warfare.
The profitable ship will carry a large load through all the hazards of the weather, and, when at rest, will stand up in dock and shift from berth to berth without ballast.
It is true I knew him more intimately than most: I met him first before ever he became a painter, and I saw him not infrequently during the difficult years he spent in Paris; but I do not suppose I should ever have set down my recollections if the hazards of the war had not taken me to Tahiti.
The Top 10 Hazards Executive Brief, available for free download, includes an overview of each hazard.
The analysts forecast the Global Surveillance market for Hazard Protection to grow at a CAGR of 16.
1) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Identification and analysis of natural hazards and threats for Jamestown and the immediate vicinity, including probability and severity.
Playmaker Hazard demonstrated plenty of nice touches as usual in the Premier League contest and it was his ball into the box in the 78th minute that set up Cesc Fabregas for the visitors' second goal.
Recent advances in spatial and natural hazard sciences, however, now make it possible to assess natural hazard risk at a very granular level, down to the individual property, which can make all the difference.