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HgHydrargentum/Hydrargyrion (Mercury)
HgMercury (chemical element)
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HgHuman Genome
HgHead Gasket (motor)
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HgHoly Grail
HgHot Girl
HgHermione Granger (Harry Potter)
HgHead Gear
HgHigh Gain
HgHome Grown
HgHome Grown (band)
HgHome Guard (UK)
HgHard Gay (stage persona; Masaki Sumitani)
HgHeaven's Gate (cult)
HgHellgate: London
HgHigh Gear
HgHyperemesis Gravidarum
HgHot Gas
HgHand Grenade
HgHyperglide (Shimano Chain and Cogs)
HgHour Glass
HgHunger Games (Suzanne Collins book)
HgHello Goodbye (Beatles song)
HgHydrogen Generator
HgHeavy Gear (computer game)
HgHome Gateway
HgHilton Group (hotels)
HgHighly Gifted
HgHeavenGames (gaming site)
HgHardgamers (web community)
HgHarvestgain (gaming, Asheron's Call)
HgHorizontal Gaze (test)
HgHauptgefreiter (German military)
HgHarmonic Generator
HgHalf-Giant (Utopia game)
HgHorizontal Gradient (gravity and magnetics)
HgHerpes Gladiatorum (viral infection)
HgHill Giant (Everquest game creature)
HgHigh Grounds
HgHigh Gun (shooting award)
HgHaiti International Airline (IATA airline code)
HgHoming Guidance
HgHeaded & Gutted (seafood)
HgHealthGrades, Inc.
HgHumana Global
HgHudson Guild (Settlement House, New York City)
HgHis/Her Grace
HgHanggnome (computer game)
HgHolographic Goggles
HgHieros Gramos
HgHelleseth-Gong Coding Sequence
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Some of the early units of the Ford Focus RS suffer from a head gasket issue.
TOM: It's possible that once the whole engine gets hot, things expand and the hole in the head gasket or the crack in the cylinder head closes up.
Pour the head gasket sealer directly into the radiator and run the engine for the specified period shown on the label.
A head gasket failure, one of the most common causes of breakdowns, costs on average pounds 390 to repair, while an alternator failure typically costs pounds 285 to fix.
This is caused when water mixes with oil in the engine signalling imminent head gasket failure.
During the race, the mechanic for driver Ralph DePalma's car sought Benoit's help after DePalma's car blew its head gasket for the fourth time.
The top-liner cooling system reduces head gasket and liner temperatures, so cylinders last longer.
About a month later, the head gasket, a crucial engine part that seals in fluids, burst, making the car undrivable.
In developing its Monomet cylinder head gasket, STE of Wilhelmshaven, Germany, used a powder coating compound of Victrex PEEK polymer and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) to prevent micro abrasion, contact corrosion, and "welding" of the cylinder head to the cylinder block.
Gary Martin and his cousin Alan were cleaning a cylinder head gasket in a garage when it burst into flames.
The latter regulates coolant flow through an electronic water pump and multiport proportional flow control valve, and draws information from sensors embedded in the head gasket.