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HWHot Water
HWHazardous Waste
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HWHayley Westenra (classical soprano from New Zealand)
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HWHell's Wrath (gaming clan)
HWHacked Website
HWHutchWorld (mobile networking)
HWHoming Weapons
HWHorizontal Weather Depiction
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For this Cirrus, a 20-knot headwind moves the best-case curve to Vg+10 knots.
6) Slower potential GDP growth adds to the bite of the federal debt headwind by requiring a greater future fiscal retrenchment than would otherwise be necessary.
When flying into the teeth of a particularly strong one, the faster we can get to our destination, the less time the headwind has to do its dastardly deeds.
These, along with advances in older age underwriting reported earlier by NU, are the makings for a life insurance headwind.
Headwind recordIt was the fastest run ever into a headwind, and matched the sixth-fastest time in history despite the chilly temperature.
Our flight manual also dictates flying no faster than 70 knots, which due to our fuel state and strong headwinds would have had us ditching in the water 100 miles from the ship.
3, also into a headwind, and there was bronze as well for Claire Pearson who qualified from the heats of the 100 metres hurdles in third place in 14,46 before improving her personal best, and the club record, to 14.
Since 120 knots is your desired approach airspeed, you'd need to maintain a vertical speed of (318 feet per mile times (110 over 60) miles per minute) 583 feet per minute with that 10 knot headwind.
The headwind on the home straight failed to prevent world record holder David Rudisha claiming another record in the 800m, the Kenyan setting a UK all-comer's best of one minute 42.
These IPOs are smaller than many of the FTSE jumbos and against this turbulent headwind are more likely to be buffeted around.
And the 2007 world champion went even quicker in the final with a fractionally stronger headwind, overhauling Powell's early lead to snatch victory on the line in 9.
Eastbound, westbound--any direction-it's not a matter of whether I'll have a headwind, but how strong it will be.