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HTGHaitian Gourde (ISO currency code)
HTGHappy Thanksgiving
HTGHousing Trust Group (Florida)
HTGHigh Speed Turbo Generator
HTGHard to Get
HTGHatanga (Russia)
HTGHit the Ground
HTGHydrostatic Tank Gauging
HTGHigh Throughput Genome
HTGHot to Go (racing)
HTGHonest to God
HTGHierarchical Task Graph
HTGHamilton Tomo Group (caving club in NZ)
HTGHarlequin Theatre Guild
HTGHugo Treffneri Gymnaasium (Tartu, Estonia)
HTGHelicopter Training Group (US Navy)
HTGHardened Target Graphic
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One possibility is that heating improves a tumor's blood flow, delivering more chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells.
Features: PLC controls; electric, steam or oil heating.
Most frustrating for landlords is the tendency for apartments in multi-unit buildings to overheat, forcing tenants to leave windows open all winter long, wasting energy and essentially heating the street.
By heating the floor, a thermal inversion is created that traps cool air at the ceiling and circulates warm air in the living space.
Other tests performed using the same initial batch of black liquor involved initial heating to more than 130[degrees]C by partial oxidation in the SPR during transfer into the ATC apparatus.
They also manufacture AlphaForm, a formable/ moldable induction heating ferromagnetic concentrator.
Heat transfer fluid is circulated between the heater and the dies to provide consistent, uniform heating for manufacturing of parts, but over time the oils and systems fall victim to natural processes of oxidation and general wear, creating such contaminants as coke and sludge, and causing fouling of heater element surfaces and oil passageways in dies.
H-COM: Heat Computer Mobile(SM) syncs with the Heat Computer, which OAS has installed in hundreds of apartment buildings as a way for owners and managers to measure building temperatures and detect heating problems.
Electric infrared panel-type ceramic heaters for thermoforming and other noncontact heating applications.
The Heat Computer's monitoring system allows building managers to track their building's heating system performance remotely via computer.
Since the 1950's, central heating and cooling has been widely used in the south to control temperature and humidity.
He, Seymour, and Kikukatsu Ito of Iwate University in Morioka, Japan, found that heating related more to time than air temperature, they report in the December 2003 Functional Ecology.