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HELDHTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Enabled Location Delivery
HELDHealth Effects Laboratory Division
HELDHigh Encouraging, Low Discouraging (cards)
HELDHigh Explosive, Lethal & Dangerous (gaming clan)
HELDHistory of Expressive Language Delay (speech research)
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Two categories of stock have to be disregarded for purposes of determining the 60% and 80% stock ownership test: (1) stock of the foreign corporation which is sold in a public offering and (2) stock held by EAG members.
and will be held at Dewey, Ballantine LLP, 1301 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.
2) Ownership interests acquired from or transferred to companies held under this subpart.
Recently, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals held that the per-share valuation can be reduced for potential capital gains on corporate liquidation, or on a distribution or sale of its capital assets (for example, real estate).
Rosen was formerly the Deputy Counsel of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and has held executive management positions at Xerox and AT&T.
Insured depository institutions and bank holding companies, however, are required to hold as little as 4 cents of equity for every dollar of risk assets, although the average amount of equity actually held by all banks is about 9 1/2 percent of risk assets.
In an earlier case, the court had held that the transactional test was the sole test determining whether income was business income; the functional test did not apply.
EJM has no immediate plans to sell the building; however, the bank is required by regulation to sell the property within five years and, accordingly, considers the building to be held for sale.
The mixer will be held at Cafe El Dorado, located at 573 Main Street in New Rochelle, N.
There is no bright-line test to determine whether property is held for sale or investment.
in which the Board denied a bank holding company's application to acquire less than 25 percent of the voting shares of a bank because a single shareholder held more than 50 percent of the voting shares of the bank and vigorously opposed the acquisition.
candlelight service will be held at Joshua Memorial Park, 808 E.