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After careful consideration of the market, it was clear to us that Starspeed is one of the best corporate and VIP helicopter management companies in the world, with an outstanding reputation and highest safety standards available.
It transports more than 80,000 patients annually through its subsidiaries, which include three helicopter EMS providers: Med-Trans Corp, Air Evac Life Team and Reach Air Medical Services.
HAI, the Federal Aviation Administration, the International Helicopter Safety Team, insurers and others have put together HEMS programs and we're providing risk management and safety insight.
A flying memorial to Vietnam veterans, the restored UH-1B Iroquois helicopter arrived at Fox Field on Friday in advance of its appearance in today's Operation Welcome Home parade, of which Chapman is one of the organizers.
Truman embarked elements of 13 Navy helicopter squadrons and by deploying close to the disaster area, shortened the mission time for operations that had previously been flown from Pensacola.
Nonnemacher's management of the project also included shooting video of the helicopters at deployments and exercises.
I jerk the stick between my knees and with each jerk the helicopter instantly responds, adding to the chaos.
The PRV process may also reveal additional benefits, such as a common helicopter to suit all Air Force requirements.
Although it wasn't the helicopter ride Alyson had hoped for, a whirl in an airplane was the closest she could get to learning how to fly at the time, so she signed up for an introduction in 1995.
One year ago Seguin met up with his old friend Roger Ranger, a helicopter engineer, and the two decided to launch their own aviation business.
At the height of Vietnam, the Army was losing one-third of its helicopter force per year, informed Pentagon officials say.
We've been working toward this partnership for some time and are delighted to have concluded an agreement," said Andrei Shibitov, CEO, Russian Helicopter.
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