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HELIXHigher Education Library Image Exchange (De Montfort University; Leicester, England, UK)
HELIXHealthcare Education Learning and Information Exchange
HELIXHealth and Environment Linked for Information Exchange (US CDC and US NASA)
HELIXHigh Energy Laser Iodine Extraction Code
HELIXHigh Energy Liquid Explosive
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Helix Real Estate Investment Fund formed their company and dedicated their resources and expertise with the goal of putting housing first in the list of needs for the medium and lower income renter to reduce the negative effects of sub-standard housing in various Mid-West Markets including Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, OH; and Memphis, TN.
Helix Medical has three other facilities that are FDA-registered: the Helix Medical operation in Carpinteria, Calif.
Helix Producer automatically changes the codec by reducing the screen size and preparing multi-formats, thereby reducing the amount of manual labor required.
Helix, headquartered in San Diego, would become a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Clearview, with current Helix Wind management continuing to run day-to-day operations of the company.
With a new competitor coming on the market, we needed to generate more awareness of the added benefit of Helix XTra without diminishing the technical superiority of Helix.
Because the Helix nebula looms large, it took several exposures for the Hubble's recently installed Advanced Camera for Surveys to record most of it.
Goldberg said she had the votes to reconsider the Helix bid even though it represented a $500,000 saving over the next bidder.
Provides all the crucial information on Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc required for business and competitor intelligence needs
Perforce Software today announced the availability of Korean and Simplified Chinese language versions its collaboration and code review tool, Helix Swarm.
Closed captioning is also available with Helix Multi-Track.
Berger of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and her collaborators have developed a novel computer program that sorts through amino acid sequences of proteins with unknown structures to pick out those likely to contain a beta helix.
About Helix: Helix Wind is a global renewable energy company.